Origins ’10: Game Day Snafu

This was one of the cool things about Friday: The Convention expansion center.

This is also where the Space Marines were doing their space marine thing (BTW, there were only 7 of them out and about but it seemed like a diggity-million of them).

See? Space marines! This picture was taken by a costumer we got to talking with. Apparently she was manning a booth for something or other and they said “THOU SHALT WEAR A SUIT WHEN THY TABLE TIME IS NIGH!” and really? There was this one other table for the Ohio tourists peeps, who were all in suits, and they were scary! The costumer caught onto this vibe after the first day and decided to wear con appropriate clothing (i.e. a geek T-shirt) for the rest of her shift, giant ants be damned. I bet she got a lot more people to come up and see what she was all about, including us.

Anyway, we hung a bit chatting with the space marine and the costumer because…ummm…we’re us I guess. I can’t remember what we were on about but I suppose we got waylaid again by cool stuff. One thing we did do was to amble on over to the Anti-Dimensional-Green-Ninja-Preparatory-School-555-Something. I was sad because I could not find them in the book under AGRFSANFARSJBNWF or whatever their acronym is nor could I find them under Antiwhateverever (which would be what their name was spelled out – don’t worry I actually looked it up from last year when I made a point of writing it down properly so I could go back and reference it with certainty. Kidneys! I has them!). Thus I assumed that they were not at Origins this year but lo! They were going under Golden Hour Anti-Dimensional-Whatever-Ever and were under G. Have I mentioned how much I disliked the con book? I could not find anything in there despite my somewhat competent Find-Fu. I had to resort to Stupid-Fu and look through every section at every time (or specific times if I knew them) to find stuff I was looking for. Pain in my hinder!

On the other hand, the Excel spreadsheet worked fairly reliably once you sorted by name. It still didn’t help with Anti-Dimensional-Ninja-School because I was looking under A not G but whatever. We sat in on an early game and had quite a bit of fun. TheMan, The Earl (badmovie), the Sultan, his wife, Hiromasaki, LunarGeography, TheRCK and I all commandeered spots and had a pretty decent time. I played a Zen master which…wasn’t the best pick for as crazy a game as Anti-whatever is. I got to do some things but the play seems to be geared toward more boisterous characters and a Zen master isn’t this. I’m also not as good with a Zen master type character as I am a crazy character. the game ended when Ted Suo (TheMan’s character) blew up the school. If you ever get a chance to sit in on one of these games I highly recommend it. The play is pretty darned simple (our goal was to map out the school) but the character interaction is awesome. Plus the peeps who run it are insane.

We went back by way of the Smithee room and…discovered that it wasn’t yet set up for Smitheeage. Well unless Smitheeage had recently become dinner theater that is. We swung by Ops and said “Hey…our room?” and they told us “Whut? Stop clicking us!” We asked them if they could set it up with chairs and a projector and a screen and all that important Smithee stuff and they told us they’d get to it by 5. Or if not, come get them and they’d get to it after 5.

Have I mentioned that the Origins peeps were fairly disorganized this year?

We went back to the room and TheMan collapsed in a puddle of head ‘splody while the rest of us ate dinner and then wandered back around 5 to check on the room. Guess what?

Still not set up for Smithees. We marched ourselves back Ops and had a tet a tet which wasn’t the most cordial conversation but it got us our stuff. More or less. We then disappeared to get dressed in hopes that stuff would actually start arriving.

It did, although our audience got conscripted to set things up and the sound guy was most disgruntled to be called out last minute but we had our show ship shape by the time it was supposed to be up and running.

It went well, although I missed a good chunk of it doing some kid wrangling (Mr. Smithee brought his brood to the show and they were a tad rambunctious) and secondary laptop retrieving on account of TheMan’s laptop failing out of the DVD program every couple of categories. I did get to hang outside with the Beer Garden bouncers, for we were situated right next to them, and LG and I got to chit chatting. We were directing people to ‘Beer’ (pointing to the garden) or ‘Smithees’ (pointing to our room) and believe it or not, the lure of bad movies actually outweighed the quest for beer in more people that I would have thought. We even got the bouncers to start hawking the Smithees for us which was really cool. Of course some people only stayed for a clip or two before resuming the beer quest but others were suckered in to the movie badness. Muahahhhahahhaha!

We came, we saw, we finished off another Smithee year. Huzzah!

2009: The next two tables were taken up by the Advanced Dimensional Green Ninja-Educational Preparatory Super-Elementary Fortress 555 people and holy cow do they have the longest name ever.

2008: Do you know where the water goes in a state that is flatter than a roadkill pancake? Nowhere, that’s where.

2007: They wanted you to finely grind the zest up, which I interpreted as “take it off the orange” because at 5:40 in the morning, I ain’t finely grinding anything, much less orange zest.

2006: See? Kidneys!

2005: JSFR: Xylish Fruity Mint

2004: She bounced back alright but I’m not allowed to break the baby again.

2003: Last year it was at least a day before any major squabbling got under way so it will be interesting to see how the pre show grumbles have effected the group dynamic.

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    You really shone as the screaming hoverboard racing bully character the second time we played, though.

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