Yeah, I know that technically it’s either “smote” or “smitten” but “smited” sounds much more recent than “smote” (I was smited just now, three years ago I smote my feral minion) and “smitten” just makes me giggle. I mean, take the following sentences: “God smote me for singing the lamby joe song” versus “I was smitten by God for singing the lamby joe song”. The first one sounds much more serious and old testament. I can see God frowning his cranky God frown and saying, “OK, I’ve heard about enough of that lamby joe song from boo. One lightning bolt, coming up!” while the other one sounds more like I’m singing an ode of devotion and lamby joe goodness to the almighty. OK that’s just weird to type much less contemplate. Moving on!

Oooo, wait! Tangential note! Everquest has a cleric spell called Smite which does damage to undead critters. It also has the flavor text of “You have hit a skeleton for 243 damage. A skeleton has been smitten!” Hee. That’s how you get a loyal undead army I suppose, you go around smiting them. Afterwards, they are smitten and profess their undying (heh!) love for you.

OK, back. So the whole lamby joe (you take away the sins of the world) thing…kinda sucked. They tasted OK in the “This would be a GREAT recipe for Turkey or chicken or beef or pork or really any other meat besides lamb” sort of way but the smell. Dear god, the smell! My kitchen smelled unpleasantly of frying lamb, which ought to have been a most delicious smell but was instead a pervasive, overpowering LAMB reek. I didn’t think anything related to meat could smell that bad. Plus, it didn’t dissipate after the initial frying either but instead lurked evilly around for most of the night. Glah! The other drawback was the meat cooled down really fast and what palatable and almost pleasant flavor it had hot disappeared about twenty seconds after the meat was off the pan. Ice lamby joe (you take away the sins of the world) is pretty darned bland. And cold.

Lamb Smite!

Did I mention I burned my thumb the other day on the toaster? Them things get HOT! It was all rather dumb too. I was cooking English muffins, which are too squatty to pluck merrily out of the toaster (and I’m not coordinated enough to give the lever a good solid heave upwards and catch the English muffins as they catapult out of the slots) so usually I get a knife and angle it in slightly (being oh so careful not to touch any of the toasters innards…or alternately I unplug the entire toaster) and stab the muffin enough to drag it out of the toaster. Not Tuesday. Tuesday I was lazy and thought I might could very carefully pick the teeny tiny edge of the muffin that sticks up about a millimeter above the toaster edge with my bare fingers (and thumb, of course, since it is awfully hard to pluck anything out of a toaster with just fingers) and pull the muffins to freedom. Ordinarily, I’d have just gotten a knife but the knives were all the way at the other end of the kitchen (re: two steps away. Hey, the drawer was closed, gimmie a break) and the muffins looked pretty easy to get at with my fingers. My brilliant plan would have worked too if the muffin hadn’t gotten itself firmly caught on the toaster cage. Consequently, the muffin didn’t give when I thought it might just sail out of the slot and I wound up sizzling my thumb right below the nail. Ouchay. Then I went and got a knife.

Toaster Smite!

Yesterday I also had to say good bye to one of my favoritest, comfiest pair of undies. I think it was the last survivor of a pack of perfect fitting undies too. Gray undies, you served me well. *sniff* I hate when my comfy clothes wear out and I have to say the final good bye to them, what am I going to wear when they are gone? They are so cozy and friendly and then one day they get a hole. It’s not the biggest hole (I reason), I can still wear them. Then they get another hole, and another until one day you just know it’s time to put your comfy clothes down. I considered giving my undies a Viking funeral but settled for ripping the beegeebus out of them. There is something so final yet primitively appealing to grabbing a hole in the fabric and ripping.

Undie Smite(ing)!

Currently I’m a bit cranked at Gmail. I had a cool account with my full name but I forgot the password and I couldn’t get it to send me a password hint at any of the other e-mail addresses I have (because I also forgot what e-mail address I gave it to send to. Of course, I only have about three or four so you would think it might send a password e-mail to one of them – since I tried all of them – but no). So I got another account, which wasn’t nearly as cool since someone already had my name, namely me, but it would do. I was sort of geeked anyway with my not-so-cool Gmail account and proceeded to send stuff here and there with it. Then I discovered that my Gmail e-mail (heh, I like the sound of that) was either not getting to where I sent it or it was being automatically filtered as junk. This was bad because I had used that account for the Smithee stuff. I had to resend everything on the dot mac account and really, what’s the point of having Gmail e-mail if you can’t reliably e-mail anything? Le sigh.

All Other E-mail Programs Smite!

Today’s Dannon Yogurt day is Tuesday the 10th. Just letting you know in case you happen to land on that day. The contest calls for collecting a week’s worth of Dannon lids to get a prize and week 2 features “A healthy weekend get away!”. I’d say that’s about a hundred dollar rent (versus week five which is the Baltic Avenues of Dannon weeks: A Dannon for a year!) so just keep that in mind.

Dannon Lid Smite!

Lastly, it’s one awesome day out there. I went to lunch with Alessar and we wound up at Atlanta Bread Company because we couldn’t come up with any other alternatives (not so much the brain trust we were). Atlanta had the doors open which allowed the happy spring breezes to come right on in and make themselves at home. Which they did, busting here, poking there and generally being pleasant and very spring like. Oh, and they kept spinning the specials placard like a top, which was very amusing. Of course the weather forecast has the temperature plummeting to the 30s on Friday and even calls for snow on Saturday.

Spring Taunting Smite!

Oooo! And I forgot lastly (or lastly lastly): It’s my mumses birthday today! No smiting my mumses!

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