Origins ’10 Lootz!

We were pretty good about the spending this year but I don’t think it’s physically possible to leave Origins without at least something. Probably because they give you a whole swag bag of things free.

This year’s Origins Die on the right and some other dice I paid money for menacing it. The other six sider dice are 1-6; 7-12 in German, Chinese and ASL and the two ten siders are 1-10 in German and Chinese. CoooOOoool! The Origins die is cool too in a pink shiny sparkly way.

One of the coolest things in the swag bag this year was TANKS! This was a huge surprise because dude! This cost someone actual money to put some 10,000 cool little tanks in each swag bag. Sorry about the poor picture, I was just so excited about TANKS! There was also two small sets of cards for some game or other (red deck by the tanks and the green thing hiding by the Axis and Allies whatsit). We applauded the ingenuity of the card peeps, especially if it got people hooked on their game.

Other things I got for free included a ninja button that I traded for a ninja button. It could be that while I was admiring the proprietress’s ButtonBiz machines TheMan figured out how to unjam their punch, which had gotten funked up with paper. Then again perhaps she felt like she ought to return the free button favor (for you know I like to try and bedeck as many dealers with Smithee buttons as I can) and offered me one of hers in exchange. I thought this one was the most fitting. I also got a Klingon Bird of Prey because LunarGeography and I are Smithee Awesome. I kid you not! We went over to talk with a few Smithee fans we recognized on our last run through the dealer room on Sunday and the fella, who had a whole box of minis, gave us each a ship and thanked us for doing the show. We also got chocolate. Best! Ever!

These earrings wrock yo! That’s thread woven in and out of a spring thing whatsit.

This mug wrocks too. This is the same place I got the Miskatonic stickers that blatantly rip off the U of M’s block M design so of course I had to pick up a mug for work. Then when I went to pay for the mug, I noticed this sign:

I laughed at the gold bars but then I looked at the other forms of exchange and thought “Really?” so I asked one of the guys what the exchange rate on burgers, cookies or fries were. He did not know and suddenly I made it a mission to procure cookies to barter with just because the sign said I could. On one of our Jenni’s runs, I picked up $5 of assorted cookies and went back to see what would happen. The chief booth fella “appraised” my cookies at $10 and I picked up a set of Munchkin Dice. How sad am I that I already got a Miskatonic U mug because that would have been the world’s best trade. But dice for a game I have is cool as well and dudes! I paid cookies for stuff!

Hee! I heart this button so much! Pluto got robbed. This is from the same lady I got the ninja button (Geek Details) and I had a hard time walking away with just the one.

2009: I had a moment of disconnect and incredible SQUEE because LOOK! at this TABLE! It’s only $11,000 but SQUEEEE! Best table EVER!

2008: I’da said “Stop being a bitch” because dude…someone was well in need of a bit of a time-out but he just said a cup of coffee would be wonderful. See? Nice fella.

2007: Did you know violets are rhizomous plants? I did not until I started growing a crop of them.

2006: Dayum. There is nothing quite so soul sucking as having to traverse Ohio three times in less than a fortnight. Oh wait, there is: Having to traverse Ohio the third time in less than a fortnight after working an 8 hour day.

2005: I want my shirts!

2004: TANKS!

2003: They have two baskets of sweety things, donuts, muffins, fritters and the like and then they have errrr hot dish thingies (chaffing? Or is that separating the wheat and stem? Or is that rubbing really hard? Well the French word for big ol’ hot dish, whatever that may be) with biscuits, sausage, eggs and French toast in them.

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