The April Wiseboo

I’ve seen a couple of good internet April Fools’ around but I don’t think I really have the wherewithal to do up a good one. The best I can come up with is “Hey! Guess what? We’re pregnant! Whooo!” but eh. Whatever. As far as I know we are still in that maybe yes? maybe no? period which will continue until another sort of period or lack there of will set things straight. Have I mentioned that I *hate* waiting? You can’t even use a pregnancy test until after missing a period, which seems to me a pretty big sign that you might be pregnant. GAH! I wish women came with turkey timer pop up thingits that told immediately when there were results.

“Hon? How’s the baby timer?”

“Still not popped yet”

I was looking at last year’s April entry (for the Last year at the booniverse at the bottom of the page) and I thought “Hey! I could do that” so I just might. That does mean that I’m going to have to go find a cool quote about lies somewhere so excuse me a moment while I go surf. OK back! And now, this year’s April Fools Ten Questions of boo (that may or may not be true). Plus, I have a theme, take a look.

The point is children lie to others for good and sufficient reasons, but they don’t kid themselves. They know who did what, but they feel no moral imperative to inform grownups.

– Leontine Young

1. My first word was “Cookie”

2. As a small child, I was all about the sharing

3. I was ecstatic about getting a little sister to play with

4. I wet my bed in protest after my sister was brought home

5. I “voted” for Ford in our grade school elections because my dad worked for Ford

6. I had a pet gerbil

7. I made it to the corner and back my first try without training wheels

8. I took every opportunity to ditch my sister when my mom left me in charge at the grocery store

9. For my fifth birthday, my parents got me turtles

10. My sister and I used to eat ice cream and watch the “verboten” TV when my parents were out

OK, those are this year’s “Ten Things About boo” so have some thinks and see if you can figure out which are true and which are not. I’ll let you know the answers sometime next week.

Now on to breaking things in the news: Smithee Stuff! The Smithees are this month (April 23rd, 7:00pm, 1800 Chem) so you will probably be hearing a whole lot about the prep work these next few weeks. This weekend, assuming Mr. Smithee gets his stuff to TheMan and badmovie in a timely manner, marks the beginning of the show assembly. TheMan and badmovie will be capturing Greg’s stuff and hopefully Mr. Smithee’s stuff as well. If not, well this weekend will be the shortest assembly start ever and there will be a mad scramble to end all mad scrambles. See, TheMan is out the weekend before the show, badmovie is out the weekend before the weekend before which leaves this and next weekend to do everything.

I’m also totally not on the ball yet i.t.o. the puppets or the buttons but hey! I just read in last year’s entry (actually reading it this time, not just scanning for the quote) that I was in the same predicament so I’m right on schedule! I think tonight I might haul out the sewing machine and see if I can get started on the sock puppets. I might also pester TheMan to do up my button pics so I can start doing buttons. Of doom. Two things I *have* (oh wait, three!) gotten squared away are-wait! Actually there are four things. Go me! I’m like ahead of schedule now! Anyway, the Current and Observer both have Smithee blurbits (one and two), I have give aways for the pre show (three) and I have a budding arrangement with a shirt company to make Smithee shirts!! Sadly, we are only doing staff shirts for the moment but the plan is to have shirts available for the masses soonish.

Soonish as in “Maybe by next A2 Smithees”. How cool is that?

Next topic of interest: JSFR! We went out to dinner with the Qs on Wednesday and since Outback was quoting a 20 minute wait and since the Asian grocery store was just down the mall, I got some more snack foods. Yeah, I know but I found green tea pocky! I haven’t seen green tea pocky ever! (Although Dirge did tell me it was tasty; they had it in occasionally at Wizzywig) I also got another flavor of Porute/Porte, which has a third variation on the name spelling. “Po*cough*te! Now in hazelnut!” Mmmm, Po[insert random syllable]te. I think I just might take some pics tonight of my burgeoning snack food stash or maybe tomorrow (possibly using TheMan’s work camera. Ours is dying a slow death) so there will be lots of JSF during the time our camera is at the camera docs. Have I mentioned this yet? Poor camera is going blind, which you might have noticed as our pictures are getting fuzzier and fuzzier. Can cameras get cataracts? Anyhow, hopefully it is a quick and easy fix and the camera will be back to its happy, crisp and clear picture taking self. It would be nice to see the Snack Foods in sharp relief.



Man, I am tres bummed that the weather around here will be taking a turn for the worse. The Qs and I stopped off at Lows on the way back from dinner to look for sophets (sofets? whatever, doohickeys that go on the outside of the house) and while Mom and Dad Q were sophetizing, I was wandering around the plants department. I had noticed last weekend that Meijers had their roses out already (but I was still a little too ill with the Plague That Will Not Quit to go have a look see) so I went to see what Lows was offering. Let me tell you, it took a supreme effort of will to not come home with any roses. Especially any of the blue roses that they happened to have only one bag left of. Blue roses! That’s the first one I’ve ever seen and you bet your booties that when I get the Q family garden/postal deterrent up and planted, it will have a blue rose plant if I can manage it. It’ll also have lots of other roses too…red ones, yellow ones, white ones, white ones with red tips, purple ones, orange ones, small ones, large ones, climber ones, bush ones, big huge thorny ones whose sole purpose will be to keep the mail man from tromping across out lawn. Hmmm, perhaps I need to take TheMan shopping with me so I don’t spend our retirement on roses.

Anyway, if it were going to be nice and warm this weekend, and not cold and snowy, I’d be hauling truck to the nearest lumber yard and picking up some two by eights to make garden boxes out of. It’s not, so I wont be but ARRRGH! I wanna make a garden so I can play in it already! Hrrrm.


I leave you with another moment of Isaak Zen.

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