What’s Happening in and Around the House

We are back from Columbus, Huzzah! And my tomatoes didn’t die! Well, most of them didn’t die. I lost a white tomato and I think my Mortgage breaker (buster? I forget now) is probably not going to make it. My sungold tomatoes though are going bazoo and the chocolate cherries are not far behind. Sadly, all my big ‘maters aren’t as fast to grow.

Pumpkins and zukes going gonzo but the s’getti squash isn’t thriving much at all. I don’t know why. My peppers aren’t doing well either but at least I know the reason for that; F-in wildlife. All my peppers are being chewed on to some extent, although the hot peppers less so than the sweet peppers. (Ooo! I gots baby Hungarians!) Finally, my beats that I bought as seedlings are doing well and I need to weed before my seed beats get choked out by weeds. Stupid weeds.

TheMan and I paid a visit to the Humane Society this past Monday, for apparently a week prior they busted up a Whippet puppy mill (and hoarding situation). TheMan, if you recall, is not much of a dog person but allowed that perhaps a Whippet would be along his style of liking. Suddenly, Whippets! So we decided to go have a look at them. Unfortunately, they started adopting out on the Thursday we were out of town and all the puppies went lickety split. Monday there were maybe 7 dogs left so we met a couple of them and went home to talk about them. We kinda took a shine to one they call PomPom and after a day or so, we decided that we’d come back Saturday and if PomPom were still there, we’d start the adoption process.

Woah! Dog!

It might not go anywhere because they are being super particular about who they are adopting the dogs to and I get the sense TheMan and I aren’t top prime candidates (we both work and we have little previous dog experience and none with the breed). On the other hand, PomPom is a ‘senior’ dog and a bit shy so maybe she’ll be looked over for one of the younger more active dogs. Who knows!

2009: The first flaw is that Hyperion games wants you shell out $30 for the thing. $30 is a lot for a game which is basically “get your piece around the board first”.

2008: I took the day off today as well. HA!

2007: JSFR: Kabaya Kisyu Ume

2006: The owner of the company (Mr. Looney himself) gave the bride away and the couple wrote their own vows. Dr. Seuss style.

2005: I, of course, found monkeys!

2004: They loaded, and loaded, and loaded and…I thought we were going to be in Vancouver for the next three days there was so much luggage.

2003: For the whole first half we were alternately dragging chairs or ballot bimbo-ing, depending on the time.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Ooooh, I hope things work out with the doggie! We went through that adoption stuff too and it pissed me off. I understand the theory behind it, but what am I going to do, quit my job and stay home to play dog mom? We finally ended up at the humane society and they were thrilled to let us adopt Buddy, who is just a joy (as you know).

    Oh, I just reread your post and see that it is the humane society that is fussing…maybe cuz of the puppy mill thing??

    I am so excited! Please keep us posted!!

    PS: Major kudos for considering an older dog 🙂

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