Too Much Effort

“Put a Cheeto in my mouth”

I got a shirt this Saturday because it was Too Much Effort not to get it. Lemmie s’plain. This Saturday was an entire day of Too Much Effort it seems, more so on TheMan’s part but also on my part as well. I got up (twitchy) at about 10ish or so but TheMan wasn’t about to budge out of bed. No problem, we hadn’t gotten to sleep until 2am and I too wanted to continue sleeping except I was now awake. The whole awake thing has been happening to me for about a month and it’s irritating as snot to be wanting to go back to sleep but not being able to because my body is AWAKE! so I usually just doodle around until I get sleepy and then crawl back into bed. Thus I did do, getting up and getting showered and then deciding what I wanted to do next. “Today”, I said, “The twitchiness outweighs my basic lazy lethargy and I am hungry to boot.” So I headed out to the Great Harvest Bread Company for some snacks.

Not that I wanted to go to TGHBC per se, but I decided I might like a muffin or some bread and definitely a snickerdoodle and it was a nice trip out and back. I also had to do a tiny bit of shopping as well and the Busch’s was right next door – although that was starting to sound like effort. I went, I ate, I bought, I decided it was Too Much Effort to get in the car, drive an entire store width just to pick up a few items so I came home. Mission accomplished, I was all snoozy again and crawled back into bed to snuggle with TheMan.

TheMan, who had been dead to the world, was up and reading when I got back so while he perused his magazine, I drifted in and out of comfy warm sleepy-land all curled up beside him. Could there be a more perfect Saturday? I think not. TheMan got the twitchies so he went up for a shower with instructions to wake me when he was done (I wasn’t through snoozing). He mistook “Wake me when you are done with your shower” as “Wake me when I am through sleeping” (which makes no sense, really, because don’t people usually wake themselves up when they are done sleeping and how is he to know when I am done with my sleep?) so I snoozed for two more hours than I intended to.

Now I was up and twitchy again and TheMan was starting in with the snoozies. Except TheMan now had Too Much Effort-itis bad and couldn’t decide if he wanted to lounge on one side of the couch or the other, basically. He thought about taking the shop vac downstairs but decided against that because it was Too Much Effort and he was a lazy bones at that moment. He thought he might take it down later if he felt like it. Maybe. But that would involve getting up and going somewhere and he wasn’t at all about any part of going anywhere because it was Too Much Effort. I wanted to zip around and see if my peeps were home, but I didn’t want to actually drive there because that would have been Too Much Effort. I would have gone though if TheMan had been willing to go with me or drive me there, but no such luck. He wasn’t up for anything that drastic because it was Too Much Effort to get dressed for outside, get in the car and drive. So we sat and blahed on the couch doing a whole lot of nothing until Rob called an hour or two later. TheMan was in such a bleh mood that he did not even want to see his own peeps, but he did not mind the peeps coming over to our house so plans were made.

This is what finally got me out of the house and on my way to visit with my peeps because we had NO BEER! Other people were coming over who liked to drink beer and I like to drink beer but there was no beer to be had in the house so a beer run had to be made. That is what tipped the scales from apathetic “want to go out but it’s Too Much Effort” to “Might as well go visit the peeps on the way to get beer.” Sad sad sad. So I did visit, and I hung for a good long time (because it was Too Much Effort to continue on with the beer run once I was comfy settled in at my peeps place) until it got to be late enough that I was worried about hitting that no alcohol purchasing hour (because it would have been a waste of effort to have expended the energy only visiting my peeps and not getting any beer, which we sadly had none of and would still have none of if I stayed any longer).

I left in time to get beer (Sierra Nevada Pale ale, because I like TheMan that much I do) and on the way over to the beer isle I happened by some keen Hawaiin shirts. I thought, since I like TheMan lots of lots, I would surprise him with a shirt, so I grabbed one. Further on down the way, I found another keen Hawaiin shirt that was on clearance for half off so I got that one too. Why not? I considered putting the full price one back but that was Too Much Effort, so I wheeled over to the beer, stocked up and wheeled to the check out with my stash of stuff. By the time the shirts were being rung up, the checker dude discovered that the full price shirt had no tag. Screw it, I thought, the shirt has now become Too Much Effort for it’s $20 price tag (I remembered from the display) so I told the guy to just forget the shirt. Whatever, no tag, save us both some time and frustration.

I guess the dude thought it would be Too Much Effort to have to call someone for a price check or have the shirt hanging around until someone came and took it away because he looked at the clearance shirt, looked at the mystery shirt, shrugged and rang them both up as clearance. Same manufacturer? Same style? Same price in his book that night because it was Too Much Effort to have to deal with one AWOL shirt. So now I have a cool Hawaiin shirt (which I’m wearing today), TheMan has a keen new Hawaiin shirt and my pocket book is slightly happier all because of things being Too Much Effort.

Gotta love those kind of lazy weekends eh?

2 Responses to “Too Much Effort”

  1. theMan Says:

    You know, I’d explain the whole “Put the cheeto in my mouth.” reference, but that’d be Too Much Effort…

  2. Alessar Says:

    It’s a nice shirt too, I meant to say.