Yogurt, Smithees and JSFR

Lemon Dannon and pineapple Dannon are two flavors that can fall off the face of the Earth as far as I’m concerned. Also, I’m doing a darned fine job at collecting days that do not make a week monopoly (and not winning anything yet) but I have no repeats either. Y’all are going to owe me a whole lot of money if you don’t start collecting your own days. Of course, someone probably has a week monopoly already and I’ll probably land on it six times and go bankrupt. Bah!

As long as I don’t have to eat any more pineapple yogurt, I think I can live with bankruptcy. Maybe. Tough call.

So yeah. No updates Monday or Tuesday because I was in a FOUL ASS mood yesterday and y’all did NOT need to read any of that. It started with an alarm mishap which resulted in me not being able to snooze in happily. The boo, she really not that pleasant to be around when she don’t get her snooze in time. Pretty much, the whole not being able to snooze in properly was the high point of my day so you can imagine how the rest of it went. I did have a nice soup mix up at Atlanta Bread Company and wound up with lentil soup instead of chicken noodle. I like a good lentil soup but didn’t order it because they didn’t have it listed on the menu. However, the cashier pressed the wrong button so surprise! Lentil soup! Mmmm, happy, legumie lentil soup. I suppose lunch was marginally better than the rest of my day but in comparison to my normal happy sane, self, lunch sucked too. The whole day sucked. Even my nap after work sucked because I was dreaming that I was trying to get to sleep. When TheMan called for a pick up at 9, I woke up from my dream of trying to dream and let me tell you, that just sucks for restfulness.

But I’m better today. 67%!

So weekend. Well, long short, the clips for the show are all clipped. Huzzah. It did not involve beating the crap out of anyone either because everyone managed, eventually and with a lot of bullying, to get their clips in. I think TheMan has an ulcer though because he had to do quite a bit of berating to get the last guy to send the info and afterwards, TheMan started complaining (really just commenting, I don’t want you to think he’s gone all Camille) of acid tum. Poor TheMan, gettin his Smithee Stress on.

Saturday, April 23; 7:00pm at 1800 Chem. Smithees!

Just so you know. I still don’t have any promotional stuff done. I have some ideas though and I really only need a couple buttons for Animania (this Saturday at 5, somewhere. I really ought to find out where if I’m going to deliver promotional goodies). Next week will be the beginning of the promotions push so I best have something done. Oooo! Guess how much I have done on the sock puppets? 10 boo points if you said NOTHING! Whoooooo!

Somehow, I feel like I should wave my hands around in the air like Kermit the Frog does when he is introducing people.

With the sort of help of LunarGeography, I have come up with a boss JSFR plan. See, I found some Green Tea Pocky, and while I like Pocky, I do not like Green tea that much. LunarGeography likes her some green tea so I asked if she would like to give it a fair shake. In all honesty, I didn’t like it and wouldn’t recommend it but I don’t like green tea either so I tought she might give it a more realistic review. She was all about that (yay!) and then I thought I ought to expand this project. I should make a “Guest Reviewer Time Period” (for the length of the Guest Time really depends on how many people I can get to review) for the JSFR. I have a couple volunteers and I’m planning on picking up some stuff for them to review tonight. Hey, I’m all geeked about it even if it really doesn’t look that exciting in print. I mean, Guest Reviewers! For the JSFR! How cool is that? Whooo! *KermitWave*

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