Righteous Peeps, Part Ducks

Yeah, yeah. I see your post dated blues and raise you some outrageously suck ass service from a certain Casa von Pizza. Seriously, would you expect to be finishing dinner at midnight when you started at 9:30? At a pizza joint? And do you know what a male whale’s member is called? I do now.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. TheMan and I didn’t get up until…errrr…well let’s just say that we planned on being out of the house by noon but, ummm, see…I don’t think we actually saw noon. Or one, for that matter. Shut up, we likes us some sleep.


At one…ish, more or less, kinda (at least somewhere in the continental United States) we finally got moving and met up with Rob. He’d been trying to get a hold of us for about two weeks and we’ve been phone tagging him back until Ta Da! We got him in person Sunday. Apparently, “Barbarian Nymphoid in Dinosaur Hell” had come in from Net Flicks so we headed out to Rob’s neck of the woods for lunch and movie transfer. We also did some loafing about Linens and Shit (hey, Rob’s moniker, not mine) looking for the perfect French soup bowls and jeering at the tableware (Oh you know you do the same thing when presented with all those tacky and delightfully ugly patterns so hush up), Comp USA for an external hard drive and lastly Best Buy for cheapy DVDs. We scored the hard drive and the DVDs but not so much the French Onion soup bowls. We did however make some grand fun of the silverware and plates. Good times.

We had to leave and finish the Smithee thing though so we tootled on over to the office at 5ish or maybe 6 (Sunday was a day of temporal ennui) where TheMan discovered that the show was about 1.7 MB too big to fit on a DVD. DOAH! He dinked with shrinking the show and I sewed sock puppets until Badmovie stopped by. Eventually, the show was slimmed down (compressed more so than actually edited as I understand it) enough to stuff onto a DVD so I stole Badmovie for a hand model. Here’s a note for future sock puppet mummy wrappers: Wrists are skinnier than hands and while socks give, tea soaked bed sheet strips really don’t. I think it took us 15 minutes of careful yanking, prying and ooging to get the sock puppet off of Badmovie’s hand but we prevailed in the end (and will be using wine bottles as hand models to wrap the rest of them) without the use of scissors or a bone saw. Whoot. I now have all the puppets eyeballed, the hands sewn and turned and three sets stuffed plus one complete prototype. Rock!

After nearly becoming one with the sock puppet, Badmovie suggested we go haunt the favorite Smithee place of foodage: Casa des Pizzas. He went to pick up LunarGeography while TheMan and I scouted out a couple buildings for Smithee swagging and then leisurely snagged a table at the pizza joint . We meandered in, got a table, got nearly deluged by our waitress’s unfortunate water glass non-balancing act and then waited for Badmovie and LunarGeography. They came, we ordered and we waited. And waited. And waited. And then waited some more. Then we had a bit of waiting with a side or more waiting all the while we wondered what was up with the food. And incidentally, has anyone seen our waitress? No? Wait, is that her yakking at the bar? Why yes! Miss! Ahhh, Miss? Hey, Mi-oh, look at that, she’s gone. Hmmmm. No wait, there she is-Miss? We’re really thirsty and hungry over here. No here. Over-DON’T WALK AWAY!!!! It was seriously that bad, she spent about 20 minutes with her back turned to us talking it up with the bartender and hostess while we waited for our ice cubes to melt some more so as to have a bit of liquid refreshment. After our waitress disappeared for the final time, I flagged down another waitress and asked where our server was. Waitress two was incredibly helpful and told me that “Sean was our server”. Ahhhh…huh?

Well, OK then! I sat back down and waited for Sean, who was apparently our server now. Sean did not come, the other waitress disappeared and we sat about getting really hungry. Finally, we flagged down the manager who told us that our server had gone off shift and her tables hadn’t been transferred to anyone. Sean came by and apologized profusely, then hung about here and there weirdly for the rest of the meal. He even told us his whale trivia (dork by the way, just in case you wanted to know what a male whale’s equipment is called) which was a nice touch. Le sigh. At least I almost had him convinced that soy were little vicious rodents and that amuse me for quite a while. Hee.

Bah! Pizza Casa! Why do you torment us so with your excellent food and shit ass wait service?!?? Why???

BTW, the Smithee show is done (huzzah); we plan to watch it tomorrow.

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