The Smithee Countdown T-minus 11 Days

In case you haven’t read anywhere I’ve posted in the last few weeks, the Smithee Awards will be visiting town in two Saturdays (April 23rd) at 7:00pm at the Chem Building (1800 – the gigantic auditorium with the weird ass funky steps. HATE!). Come, have fun, enjoi, feel your brain melt from the badness.

Oh yes, there is bad this year. TheMan finished the DVD and last night we watched it for glitches and sound levels. There are going to be some tough pics too, I was watching the categories thinking “Oooo! I vote for THAT clip!” until the next clip popped up, at which point in time I totally changed my mind. Maybe. No. Yes! Definitely clip two. No wait, I forgot about clip three. ARRRRGH! I can’t decide which is worse. I was actually going to vote last night (as I don’t get to vote during the show because I run ballots) but the clips were too shiny in their badness for me to make a decision.

I can only assume this means I’ll have to watch them again after I’ve developed some thicker calluses.

Alessar and I hoofed it Monday at lunch to three of my nine intended Smithee posting locations and proceeded to pepper the places with swag and signs. The infestation of Smithee promotional crap has begun! (And lest you think I am one of those obnoxious posters, I’m sticking one half sheet (true, it is printed on retina searing neon colors) per board with a circling of four to eight buttons – free for the taking. I hate people who hog up an entire board with their 8×17 multi posting posters.) What IS the punctuation for that aside? Hmmm. Well here: .,(‘)?”! That ought to do. ANYWAY! The three buildings were the two most diversely trafficked and the Chem building so I have the big three out of the way. Next stop: The Libraries!

Also adding to the building badness, it appears as if the food has begun to coalesce. DQ made Velveeta fudge – and don’t knock it until you’ve tasted it because it is disturbingly good – this past weekend while the Q house is starting to ramp up the Smithee Gorp production. Badmovie already has quite a collection of things to bring and he has not even gone out shopping yet. I think the food is one of my favorite parts of the show because Badmovie finds the strangest (and wrongest) things and then shares them with us! And by “share” I mean he brings in the bags and that’s the last he touches them. Heh. (OK, I have seen him eat some of the giant Utz can of cheesey poofs. Mmmmm, cheesey poofs).

And lastly, Smithee Sock Puppets! Sunday I almost glued the prototype puppet onto Badmovie’s arm, which wasn’t quite how I envisioned the assembly process, but most of the rest of the puppet making went swimmingly. Last night I tried the whole mummy wrapping application with a new and improved method (besides, Badmovie wasn’t around to glue the second puppet to and as it turns out TheMan is allergic to the glue) and glued the second mummy to a wine bottle. Hmmm! Only seven more mummies to go, think of the things I can glue them to!

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