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But first, guess who is 10 years old today!!!

Welcome to day whatever of Smithee pre-prep. Actually this is going to be a shorter blurb than you might expect because yesterday was official SsssssssLACKER day! Whoooo! Alessar and I decided to go nowhere as he wasn’t feeling the Smithee Swag wanderlust and I am basically a big lazy butt. No really. I know, you are all shocked by this revelation. Anyhow, I did plaster a bulletin board at work (whooo! Adventuresome) and TheMan and I met at Borders where they took a sign to put up on their posting board so hey. Something got done. As for sock puppets, I only really need to make one more by next Saturday, piece of cake. I *think* I have a third and potentially non adherent method of mummy wrapping (well, not the wrappings to the sock because that needs to be all permanent sticky like…I’m talking more the puppet to anything else). Maybe. Eh, we might see today.

I think today is just going to be a disjointed SAST day. Yup, SAST is definitely in the air. It’s like spring, only more random.

Yesterday, TheMan and I decided to go all European for dinner and do a wine and cheese thing. First, though, we needed cheese and I needed to pick up some pharmacy things. Which lead to some concentrated thinks about where we could find a good cheese place near a pharmacy place. Let me tell you, it ain’t that easy around here to get your cake and eat it too. Finally a coworker mentioned that Whole Foos has good cheese (which it does) and I thought, “Hey! I think there is a Walgreens or something stuck on the other end of the complex!” Sure enough there is but…Whole Foos. The very thought fills me with trepidation, even now.

First off, lemmie say that Whole Foos is the BOMB for weird ass ingredients. Vegan? No problemo, Whole Foos is your store. Fresh fish? Best place around her to get it. Cheese? Man, they have more cheese than Wisconsin. Organic? You betcha. Expensive as all hell? Yes indeedy do. A coworker branded the place “Whole Paycheck” and I have to say she wasn’t joking. Still, they have the best damned service anywhere and I’d go there in a heartbeat if they and Trader Joes were the only remaining grocery stores in the state. Fortunately they are not but every once in a while, you have to make a Whole Foos kind of trip and last night was one of them.

Now, it might just be our quaint little Whole Foos and all the other ones might not be as bad but I have not run into anyone yet who, when you mention Whole Foos, doesn’t get that panicked pained look in their eyes. At least anyone who has ever tried to park anywhere in the ENTIRE DAMNED PARKING LOT-which, I might add, services the strip mall of which Whole Foos is just one end. The mall’s not huge, maybe 10ish stores, a main chain book store and a pharmacy (plus Whole Foos) so it runs about a block. The parking also runs for about a block but it is only about three spaces deep. OK, no, it’s really more like five spaces deep. Seriously? The parking lot is almost big enough for Whole Foos’s cliental. Almost. Let’s just not mention that there is also a Panera’s, Barns and Noble AND the Wallgreens. Yeah, well all those other stores really don’t need parking right? It’s so bad that Whole Foos offers valet parking. Valet parking…it’s a freekin grocery store. Valet parking?

Don’t even get me started on the cars of the cliental. All I’m sayin is that I don’t think y’all really need an Escalade, Excursion or Hummer to haul home your three organic tomatoes and bag of free ranged potato chips, MmmmKay? GAH!!!

OK, where was I? Right, Whole Foos. So after fighting three soccer moms and a yuppy vegan to the death for a spot in the vicinity of the store, we went in to procure our cheese. Mmmm I’d do anything for cheese. We went in, we ate samples (because they alwasy have samples) and we hit the cheese counter. And this is why I love Whole Foos: The cheese lady did not laugh out loud when I told her we were doing wine and cheese for dinner and were looking for cheese suggestions (points for her) but instead actually came out of her cheese counter box and spent ten or fifteen minutes with us recommending cheeses. Dudes, ten minutes plus she let us sample some cheeses? She rocks! Whole Foos has always been like that whenever I’ve gone there (back when they had a place you could actually get to). Have a fish question? The fish guy is more than happy to let you in on fish secrets. Goose? The meats guy was very sorry that they didn’t have any in stock on the off season but he was happy to recommend another store that would possibly carry it. Cheese? You would not believe how many different kinds of cheese we came home with.

In fact, we came home with about $40 in cheese. Yeah, I know. It’s more expensive than sushi, but we have really good cheese now. Right, moving on!

Mmmm, Tiiiiiiiivo. TheMan mentioned that the Direct TV peoples are having some sort of Tivo deal and maybe we ought to get one. Can you imagine 170 thousand hours of Law & Order? That’s like one week of taping right? Mmmmm. My thought was “Sure! That way I can tape Charmed and not have to stay up late and watch it”. Yeah, we catch Charmed between Law & Orders and now I’m sort of in to the show. Not in like it’s the best thing since sliced toast, but in as in “Oooo! This is wonderful mind candy” which it is. I like it enough to be amused but not enough to be sad that I missed an episode. Or episodes. Or whenever it is on for real and not just sandwiched between Law & Orders. Frankly, it’s a nice fluffy break from the Duhnt Duhnt because too much Law & Order weighs on the mind.

Of course I haven’t seen even half a season worth of episodes (and let’s face it, Charmed is not a deep show: One can pretty much figure it out in one maybe two episodes) so it might be nice to learn a little more about what’s going on. Weirdly; last night I saw the newest episode so I suppose I’m all caught up. Sorta. Kinda. At least we can Tivo Stargate and not miss it (like we have all season so far).

And lastly, I got Little Kitty a present…sort of. I was wearing my pants of uncertain origin that I usually keep held up with a length of red tape (or book tape if that makes more sense), so I gave her the tape to play with. Little Kitty loves her some string, yes she does!!

I present to you: The String saga.





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