The Construction Song

Oh HA! Check me out, I found a good spot for an overall construction shot. Woooo! You can see the new bridge and the stacks and the construction pit.

They finally opened the new bridge that connects Legal Research with Hutchins Hall! So I took the camera for a walk to show y’all the new bridge and the construction sites. This is the newly gutted 9th floor lobby with the silly elevator safety whatsits they are putting in. Some fire code somewhere says that all something whatsits with elevators and stairs have to be walled up or whatever. It’s a tiny space back there by the elevators.

The old bridge went from level 7 of the stacks to level 3 of Hutchins (more or less) but this new bridge connects to Hutchins via one of the Legal Research towers. They’ve had the far end of the 9th floor locked up in construction for (what seems like ever) about a year. Here’s the dividing line between old 9th floor and the newly constructed part. Also, there are some odd numbering issues they haven’t quite gotten under control yet.

Take the last room on the left or south wall of the old 9th floor space. 919 LR as you please.

Here are the next four doors and somehow the two on the right are 922 and 924 while the one at the far end of the hall facing the picture is 920. This leaves the door on the left of the pic which is also the door right after 919 as…919 and a half? Is that how we get to Hogwarts?

Once you go down to 920 and make a left there is the elevator to the bridge. Incidentally that door on the very right of the picture is not 920 but some other unmarked door. I’m not sure where it leads to since there is a window right next to it that looks out onto the Hutchins courtyard. I don’t think there is a door to the outside hanging around the building there. Maybe they made one? Anyhow, notice the elevator floor numbers. Apparently when you turn left from the 9th floor of Legal Research you are suddenly warped to the 5th floor of…Hogwarts?

You could go down two floors via the stairwell.

Which will get you to floor 3. That makes sense in that two floors down from 5 is 3. I’m not sure why 5, unless they numbered from the ground up. Legal Research is funny because it has no real ground floor, you have to go up a level to get to 3. 3 is the Reading Room which is some 60 feet tall or so but the stacks, which are behind the Reading Room, number 3-8 in the same space the Reading Room goes from 3 to the ceiling. Both the stacks and the 9th floor offices are numbered 9…unless you go to the elevator at which point it’s apparently 5. Anyway, from a certain point of view, the elevator is still on floor 3 if you consider that where it is in relation to the Reading Room is the 3rd floor. Some 40ish feet up in the air of the third floor but technically still 3. Two floors up from 3 is 5 so there you go.

It might also be that the bridge takes you over to the 3rd floor of Hutchins, but you don’t usually number floors if you aren’t actually in the building do you?

Swank new elevator insides. 3! 5!

Bridge! It is really pretty but gets rather warm with all the sun and all those windows. I also find that I get a little vertigo with the floor length glass and being 7/5/3 floors up.

Artsey shot.

In case you wondered here’s a different view showing the former bridge hole and the new bridge. The two bridge arrival points are at least really close together so from Hutchins Hall the whole bridge business is pretty simple.

Pretty too.

Not pretty: One of the new OMG WE’RE ON FIRE! safety things they are building in the 3rd floor Hutchins lobby. I can’t say that I have a good feeling for the finished product of this new fire safety measure.

Nothing wrong with the actual stairwells though. Here’s a scenic shot of the court yard and the elevator tower of Legal Research. As I was taking this shot I noticed for the first time those little window doodads right at what looks like from this angle, the terminus point of the walkway roof.

Here’s a close up of…I don’t know! I have no idea where these windows or possibly doors are, other than somewhere near level 1 or 3 (depending on which building they are a part of). I will have to figure out where they are from the inside one day.

Also from the same angle, here’s one of the many stained glass windows that line the first floor of Hutchins.

Same window from inside the first floor of Hutchins.

The Hutchins pics were taken from that smaller open window just to the right of the top of the tree. Just in case you wondered.

Also in case you wondered, this poster lets you know.

Here’s a progress shot of the new building. It has stairs now!

Lastly, here’s the Level 1 (back in Legal Research now) elevator safety enclosed OMG WE’RE ON FIRE measures. I think they did a splendid job of doing their OMG SAFETY thing while not effing up the look of the place. Other than needing mortar, the stone matches quite well.


2009: Truly the nefling has 4 sets of hands right now; the two closest to his head and the other two at the end of his legs.

2008: OMG FIRE SAFETY! This post has been hemmed in just in case the rest of the blog caught fire.

2007: Oh wait, the corn was providing stalks for the beans to climb. OK, my bad. It’s the beans that are freeloading.

2006: I’d hate for y’all to burn up while reading, so this post too has been taken out for your protection.

2005: This day I was just too lazy to post.

2004: I also like playing the “Find the most expensive piece of art” game and of course the “Would you look at THAT crap” game but mostly, I like seeing all the different stuff.

2003: The thing had a three foot spider-ameter (that would be the length of the biggest part of the spider body) and at least a fifteen foot spread of legs.

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