Event Horizon

Good golly almighty, could this day go any slower?? Yargh! But first:

Things a-foot. (a-paw?)

This is what TheMan and I came home to last night. You can see that the Little Kitty is a bit bent because someone’s in her cat bed. Hrrmph! But of course Isaak is under there in the kitty fort looking out at the world. Of course. That cat is The Crazy. He’ll burrow himself a little cat cave between the covers, in the pillows, under the coats, whatever happens to be lying about, and happily sit there for hours. I’ve almost sat on him several times when he’s been kitty caving it under the blankets with no peek hole. Hey, if the bed isn’t made all nice and flat with the pillows perfectly placed (where one could actually see that extra lump of cat) it’s hard to tell he’s in there and the damn cat won’t come out either when I call his name…unless he feels like it.

So yesterday they must have had some sort of scuffle wherein the kitty bed was flipped over. I’m betting Isaak immediately crawled into the new kitty cave while Vande attacked the bottom (now top) because IT WAS MOOOOOOVING!! There were claw gouges all over the foam and fluff bits everywhere. Those crazy two. Life was not helped any when TheMan gathered his things and stuff for his trip this weekend. I only know of three things that will wig a cat out more than the getting of the luggage: Getting a bath, going to the vet, and the running of the vacuum. Poor stressed out little demon kitties.

Sadly, TheMan is out of town this weekend on a fun filled work learning seminar. He’ll be in Chicago (where they have a pizza joint that serves sausage pizza with one huge 14 inch sausage patty!!! TheMan has instructions to go to this place and check it out, just to make sure Badmovie isn’t pulling our leg) until late Sunday night so this boo has the house to herself. Whoot! My plans so far include spending a night or two on the couch with the kitties. Mayhap a glass of wine as well. It’ll be like camping out, except I’ll be in my living room. Heh…camping out with the TV! Law & Order-a-thon, here I come.

I also will probably get my butt in gear and measure out the front garden area and preplant my herbs in herb pots. Is it too late to start seeds indoors? Hmmm! Well anyway, I’m going to start them indoors and hopefully have a garden to put them in by the time they need to go somewhere. Not today though, I think I’m feelin the lazy.

OK, I’m outta here.

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