Home Alone: Part 1

A Weekend pictoblog for y’all. Enjoi.


This is about 9am, after the VCR woke up which woke me up. I have no idea why it did, but suddenly I was hearing some kid’s science show and the TV was dead as a door nail. Frekky. The cats and I camped out in the living room and had us some Law & Order fun until about midnight. You can see that the cats aren’t too phased by the science show.


People talking about building destructive things first thing in the morning will get a person up and moving. In my case moving means trying to decide if I’m going to go back to sleep or not. I decided to play a little KoL before I came to any decisions about my state of wakefulness.


Of course, if I do some laundry napping, that’s sort of doing chores right?


Hmmm. PB cookie mix.

Of course there is more laundry, some napping, more laundry…


And dishes. There were too many dishes in the sink so I got out the auxilliary pot.


It’s a big pot. In case you can’t see it, the glove there is conveniently pointing to the pot. You can also see me in my robe reflected in the pot. I’m glad I didn’t decide to do dishes in the nude!


It is now about noon, three loads of laundry and one giant load of dishes are done, there is still a bag of PB cookie mix but I’m beginning to really need a shower. BTW, this was taken about 10 minutes after I got out, my hair dries really fast it seems.


The cookies…they call to me. Just so you know, Kroger makes the BEST boxed (or bagged really) cookies. Delish, and what better way to spend the time waiting for the cookies to be done than to play some more KoL? And yes, that is a different character from the first one.




Returnables! That’s about $11 in cans and bottles and such. It looks so pathetic all jammed there in the end of the truck, yet they were taking over out kitchen. Hmmm! The cardboard in the foreground are the computer boxes that are finally going to Dirge and Shar. While I was loading up the truck, a huskey came wandering up to say hello. He didn’t want to help much, just get scritches, and as I found out about a minute later after his owner cane huffing into view he didn’t want to go back on the leash either. She had been chasing him for the past 20 minutes trying to get him back on the leash and he was having a gool old time not being on the leash. I grabbed his collar, dog, leash and owner were reunited and they went on their merry way. Sadly, no pics of the dog.


Seeings as Hiller’s is right across the street from the condo, I returned my returnables and wet about to pick up somethings. Did you know Hiller’s has no off brand products? I could not get Frooty-ohs for the Smithee Gorp because all they had were the real thing (Fruit Loops) and that’s entirely too high class for Smithee Gorp. I wound up with pretzel fish and nothing else because the pop was darned expensive and I didn’t want it to explode in the cab. That’s both front and back of the pretzel fish.


Ahhhhh, boxes. Finally out of my living room! Hmmm, come to think on it, I guess since I still own the condo they are actually in my living room again.


This is the wall of packed boxes over at Dirge and Shar’s place. They have almost everything boxed away, save the immeadiate stuff and the kitchen, and they still have two weeks left.


Here is Penny, Dirge adn Shar’s cat. This would be a wonderfully artsy shot if my stoopid elbow hadn’t gotten in the way.


Penny doesn’t seemto care though. It’s bath time for her. Notice, how close she is to the box? Those are HER boxes! She is so cat.


Around dinner time, this little fella walked right up on the deck and proceeded to loaf about. Squirrels crack me up.


As always, I stay out too late and come home just a wee bit after TheMan and I had a iChat date. Only 10 minutes though!! We chatted, I dinked around and by midnight it was lights out.

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