Home Alone: Part 2

Oooo! Day two of the weekend pictoblog. Enjoi^2

It’s 6am. Why am I up? Oh right, 9 million glasses of water over at Dirge and Shar’s place. I am not inclined to get up so I go straight back to bed after visiting the facilities. (Heh, this is the same pic as the dark from last night, which is really a shot of the fabric of my robe covering the camera lens. TheMan’s camera will not take a pic with the lens cap on!)

What is UP withthe VCR? Day two; 8am; damned VCR turns on. Bad VCR! No biscuit!

10:00. OK, I’ll finally get up (grumblegrumble). Besides, there is still laundry to do. There is always laundry to do.

The kitties are not so much into the getting up just yet.

…aaaand I can’t take any more pictures because the camera has no more juice. Time to switch out batteries.

There are always dishes. This is a sink full of silverware (and the coffee press) soaking in suds and boiling water. Too hot to do at the moment.

So, it’s time to play more KoL! Yes, this is a different character still from the two in yesterday’s post. What? I have a life. Sheesh. The flavor text, in case you wondered, reads “Fumble! You drop your linoleum crossbow on your kidney doing 6 damage.” Poor Concertino, 6 plus whatever the critter did took him down (notice the bright bleedy red over there at the HP icon) and I had to rest him for a couple of turns.

1:00 pm, time to do some updating.

The little kitty is still snoozing,

while the “I” loafs around.

2:00 and the last load of laundry. Whoooo!

Except for these four socks. Notice the color of the last load (yeah, the fuzzy dark color. Oh shut up, I was having issues with the camera) and notice four measely WHITE socks. Why does it always turn out like that? Everything but three small items that can not go in the last load because they are light and the load is dark (or vice versa). BAH!!!

This would be the Horde, cleaned, scrubbed and rinsed. Whooo! There are two wine glasses sitting on the counter but I’m calling the whole dishes project a success. Go me! Gah, 3:00 and I haven’t had a shower or eaten lunch. Since my pants are in the dryer currently, I’m going to go eat lunch!

Lunch done just in time to catch a phone call from LunarGeography. They are in the neighborhood and want to know if they can snag the Smithee DVD. I take one of my pattented 5 minute showers but they are already here and need to go. This is Badmovie in one of his many orange shirts holding the DVD. LunarGeography says that since she hates the color orange, her family makes it a point to give Badmovie orange shirts whenever and wherever they can.

Wait…who are you? Hmmm, LunarGeography and Badmovie leave and I notice this fella up with the monkeys. Until someone else fesses up to leaving bondagephant behind, I’m blaming those two!

4:00 and time to run errands.

Bug Wash!!!

And shopping. Ahhh, Meijers (pronounced Mahrs if you are from Arkansas. True thing! I’m not bashing you Arkansasers, I had a friend in college who was from Arkansas and used to love going to “Mahrs” because they had nothing like it where he was from).

Lookie, look! Did you even recognize the bug? It’s clean! Beanie Death approves.

Just some pretty flowers hanging around.

The Spoiles of shopping, behold! The Smithee Gorp lives!! OK, yeah I did just say yesterday that Fruit Loops were too high class but Meijers had them on sale for cheaper than the smaller box of Frooti-Ohs. You gotta go with the cheap when you’re talking Smithee so Fruit Loops it is this year.

I also scored some sweet Hawaiian shirts. If you are wondering why they look a bit trod upon…

this would be why.

“What? Me?” Silly Little Kitty.

It’s Smithee night at the Q house! This is one of 10 frozen two liters of Holiday Spice Soda destined to be a drink of color not found in nature. Except it’s sorta brown red, which are two colors found a lot in nature, so this is one of the “interesting” Smithee drinks. LunarGeography and Badmovie and I will be watching the show and voting. Huzzah!

This concludes today’s broadcast.

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