Weekendery Short Blurb

Wayho! It seems to be a Monday to me which means I get to weekend recap. Joi! Also, why don’t they put in these neat little finishing touch dood dads anymore? I like the fiddly bits.

Friday was alt character raid night which went OK. It’s not a standard set group of people so getting the right number of things was difficult. We didn’t get past the first boss of the big dungeon, sadly, but we got the weekly done and got some cool stuff. Eh.

Saturday was yucky so we stayed inside. I think. Well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. TheMan and I headed out later in the day to the Brew Pub to meet up with Kurt. I did some reading, TheMan did some freelancing we all did some drinking. Yay beer! I think there may have been some warcrafting later on. In fact there may have been slightly too much warcrafting which slopped over into Sunday. I blame the coffee at 4pm (what? Brew Pub has awesome coffee and I was having a no caffeine headache). I do believe this was the day I finished my Hugo Novellas…or maybe I started in on the novelettes. I’m almost done!

Sunday I did not go out and pick blueberries. I is lazy. I did go out shopping around 6pm though, dragging Alessar along as his brand new car was side swiped recently and is currently in the shop. I got nothing truly exciting save a pork loin (on sale SCORE) which TheMan marinated up with Rum, Orange juice, a touch of lemon and chili powder for grillin on Monday. I pulled a fist full of stock from the freezer to make hot and sour soup and Thai peanut chowder. However, I fail shopped and forgot the limes for the chowder so Hot and Sour soup it was!

Hot and sour soup is tasty.

Later on this week I’ll mosey on over to Whole Foods and pick up the errant limes and make the Thai chowder. I will probably also pick up blueberries to toss into the Rumtopf and possibly cherries. I haven’t yet found a cherry pitter (what’s THAT about? My kingdom for a cherry pitter!) and I’m not too keen on the idea of manually pitting enough cherries for the Rumtopf. We shall see.

2009: Fail blogging, forgot to post today.

2008: JSFR: Wata Pachi Grape

2007: If I don’t have a blog pitter I won’t update.

2006: I had a choice of Italian sausage, gyros, pizza, Italian sausage, soup in a bread bowl, Italian sausage, Gyros, Italian sausage, pizza, Italian sausage, Gyros, Mexican and Japanese. I don’t really dig Italian sausage so having it available every five steps wasn’t so much my gig.

2005: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

2004: We also seem to have a sudden infestation of cockroaches and mice now. Coincidence? Correlation? Discuss!

2003: “You! Artists, Off my planet!”

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