Whales in the Library

Kinda puts the lowly book worm to shame.

In the course of expanding the Law School, they are doing some construction here, structural tests there and other various and sundry things. I have been living off and on with the Drr-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d of concrete drilling since the beginning of February, which is annoying first thing every morning until you get used to it and it becomes a back ground noise. Scary. More so because I can feel the drilling through my feet as I sit at my desk. I am told that they did depth soundings last week which sounded like gun shots but I did not hear them. Today while pausing for a drink in the Tea Room I noticed they were drilling in the court yard. I think I remember them saying something about drilling a 75 foot hole for water table measurements or maybe just to have a look see at what was 75 feet down or whatnot that but they hit something that angered the pipes through out the whole building.

Returning with Alessar to his office the whole stacks began singing. Awhooooo! Ooooowarrrrrrrr. Eeeeyohhhhh. Some of the strangest sounds I have ever heard coming from a ten story book haven echoed through the corridors, but maybe not so strange to say Jaques Cousteau. Whoooooaarrrrrrrrrr. I more than half expected to be eyeball to eyeball with a hump back whale when the elevator doors opened on the 4th floor (Yeah, I took me an unexpected ride trying to go down a floor. No whales though) as the moans and squeaks showed no sign of stopping any time soon. They were also loud enough to hear in the adjacent under ground building which got quite a few looks from the library patrons there. Captain, there be whales! After about a half hour they either evicted the cetaceans or killed them and ate them because the buildings were once again quiet. Well, except for the thump-thump of the continued drilling.

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