Japanese Snack Food Review: Xylish Aqua Green


Let’s cut back to some good gum shall we because Xylish has proven in the past that it can do for gum. The Aqua Green flavor is no exception and the short of the review is that I’d definitely recommend Xylish in any of the flavors so far. I might even endorse it, but only because it sounds cool. Xylish. Oh and also because it crunches nicely, reminds me of chicklits and it leaves a nice cool happy mintholated taste in your mouth. Plus, it’s sugarless…not bad at all for “skinny gum”.

Heh, I’m going to have to be a spokesperson for Xylish because yum! Maybe I’m getting used to it or maybe in comparison to Black Black, Xylish could very rate 6 or 8 peas on the 5 pea scale. Then again, anything compared to Black Black could get at least two more peas in the rating. Even jelly cake. But you are not here to read about has beens so let’s get to the review.

Green. Crunchy. Minty! (but not overly so) and mentholy plus an added extra of something sort of fruityish. I like Aqua Green. It’s a mild mint again, like Clear Green, and I can’t taste much if any of the sugar substitute. Plus, it crunches grandly like it has a candy shell and that is just wicked. I love me the gum crunchies, score Aqua Green. There is also the mintholation going on, which leaves a nice cool fresh taste in the mouth. As one Guinea Pig mentioned about the Crystal Mint “My mouth really needs this right now” and I’m very tempted to give the Guinea Pig a piece of the Aqua Green to see if she likes it better. I certainly do.

Aqua Green has all the happy mint and menthol of the previous two rated Xylishes plus a little burst of fruity something or other. It’s not a citrus flavor, not a berry flavor and certainly not an apple flavor, although it could be a quasi-tart apple flavor, say a Granny Smith minus the apply. The best way to describe the flavor is mildly but persistently pineapple. TasTAY!

Alas, the flavor dies back after about five minutes of chew which was quite sad. Then again, a lot of gum on the market doesn’t have flavor endurance either so Aqua Green is pretty typical in that respect. The mintholation doesn’t give up that fast, however, so where you might find yourself missing the fruity minty goodness, you will still be getting the mentholation a half hour after popping a piece of gum. It may last longer but my jaw was hurting so I stopped at the half hour mark.

It’s a good chew for a sugar gum, which Xylish isn’t, so whoot that. I’m going to grant Aqua Green a


of 4.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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