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Greetings and welcome back to text based booniverse blogging. That was a lot of pictures this weekend (and there were many more, but I spared y’all). Badmovie and LunarGeography haven’t fessed up to leaving bondagephant behind but they did say that they would be the scapegoats until the “real” culprit could be found. Yeah, I think they are GUILTY! I’m also apparently trying to crack MS Word as it does not recognize booniverse, blogging, LunarGeography, Badmovie, fessed, or bondagephant and has underlined them all in “I’m worried about your spelling” red. It does, however, recognize “y’all”. I will never figure that program out.

We interrupt this blog for a special announcement to all you JSFRers out there: Due to the graphic (hee!) content of this weekend’s entry, the JSFR made a post dated appearance this Monday. This coming Saturday will be Smitheelicious and Sunday will probably be Smithee fallout. I will post a JSFR next week, however it will most likely appear on Monday again. The JSFR should revert back to its regular weekend schedule at the end of April.

Speaking of JSFR, I have quite a lot of volunteer guest reviewers lined up. In one of those weird karmic moments, Bubbles asked if it was alright to do Mochi, most likely mango mochi and I was all over that. I think I have mentioned in the past that I had Mochi lined up to go, however I totally missed the whole “filled with ice cream” aspect about it and the first batch was rather melty, owing to the fact that I had them in the fridge. The second batch I put in the freezer and left in the freezer and then discovered that Mochi does indeed have a shelf life. Freezer burnt Mochi is not so good. Plus, mango and I do not get along so Bubbles will be bringing to you a review I’d never do. She feels for you mango mochi people. Badmovie, LunarGeography and TheMan also all will be chipping in with their two cents. I’m looking forward to guest review month, which very well may be in August. Now back to our blog already in progress.

-and that was the best thing ever! OK, I’m outta here!

Heh. No not really (shut up, you in the back). Do they still do that these days on TV? I remember, back when I was much more of a TV rat, they would interrupt the broadcast for a special announcement and either preempt the show, delay the show or run the show concurrently during their skippy announcement. I hated “we will return you to your show already in progress” because it meant that you missed a good chunk of the program (for they could not keep their newsy blurb down to a 5 or 10 minute thing – NoOOo! They once rambled on for 50 minutes about the damned Washington Monument being held hostage (much as I am doing in this aside – the rambling, not the molesting of a national monument)) and the returned me to my show already in progress in the last five minutes. Thanks! I saw our hero crash land in an airplane, then 50 minutes of “Yup, still people with a bomb. Not much happening live, let’s go to our Washington Monument Bomb expert!” and then when nothing really truly was newsworthy and they quit with the “special broadcast” there was enough time left in the show to see everyone go “Hooray! Everything’s all spiffy!” and then roll end credits. Errr…I seem to have lost track of where I was with this. Do I need an end quote? I think I do. ). Preempting wasn’t as bad because they would most likely show the episode again in reruns or the next week I think (because it never really aired, unlike the “already in progress” shows) but delaying was the best! At least the best if the show didn’t run past bed time but that’s a whole different kettle of worms and involved much pleading and wheedling of the ‘rents to stay up and finish the show.

For those of you reading and wondering why this may be such a big deal lemme let you in on a horrible secret: No VCRs. There was no taping of any kind in order to watch the show later so if you missed it when it first aired, you had one chance to see it during summer reruns and then it was gone daddy gone. Harsh! Heh, I love me the VCR, but I love me the DVD season box sets more.

TheMan and I did some cable TV watching yesterday (where you can catch a million episodes of Law & Order) and caught a new show, Wire in the Blood, on BBC America. OK, I’m not sure what the whole BBC-America is about but whatever, I like British accents, they are so cool. The show, which is basically a British version of “Profiler” but much cooler (because they have accents!), was decent – I’d put it above Profiler but below Millennium (the only two profiler shows I’ve watched). Hrrm! I just looked it up on iMDB and apparently it was made in 2002 so it’s not new, per se, but I bet it’s new to the US. I wonder how the Brits liked it? OK then, I just googled Wire in the Blood and apparently the episode we saw last night was Series three; part two (of a three series set) so…ummm, never mind my ramblings! It was at least good enough for us to decide to catch next week’s trailer. TheMan really liked it (the trailer), I was looking at something shiny.

Heh, welcome to the booniverse where I’m always up to making myself look like a complete dolt!

For those of you playing at home, you know that there are only four more shopping days left until the A2 Smithee Show. Other than watching a TV show that apparently has been out and about for quite some time, my main projects for last night were: Make puppet number 3 and check up on the Smithee supplies. The puppet didn’t get done (shifted to tonight) but we have 297 working pens out of a pool of 347. Yes, I tested every single pen (which is why none of the other things got done…sort of. That and the lazy factor but focus on the pens! 347 tested, 297 approved!). As of yesterday, any writing utensil we offer on Saturday should work, at least for a little while. Heh. I also went looking for the golden trash cans and found none. Sadness. Fortunately, we had 4 silver ones (they don’t actually come in gold so I have to make them so) which I applied a liberal coating of Official Smithee Trash Can Gold spray paint (i.e. whatever we had downstairs in the closet of paint and stuff) to. Tonight is the assembly of Mummy Number Three and tomorrow I wander over to DQ’s to help with sticky popcorn. Hey, we are pretty set to go. Huzzah!

OK, this is the real end of today’s transmission. Go in peace and all that.

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