The Sorcerer’s Art Fair

TheMan and I wandered about Art Fair at lunch and then after work we met up with the Qs, who were down state, for dinner and a movie. This is going to be one picturelicious entry so hold on to your seats!

I enjoy the early morning walk in to work before the artists have rolled out of bed and into their shops.

Sometimes they haven’t yet set up shop and just have their stuff piled about.

Sometimes they have a shop but no stuff (maybe picture three ought to have talked to picture two to see if they could arrange something mutual). For the most part this year, everyone was in place and ready to go by Wednesday. In fact, I was surprised at how many artists were in town and set up by mid day yesterday. Of all the years of watching tents and wares scramble to be ready, this one was the least stressful looking. It’s like a giant thought went through the art community saying “Hey, if you set up early there won’t be any panicking when stuff doesn’t go right. You know at Art Fair stuff has a really high percentage to go pear shaped fast so go out and set up way earlier than you think you need to. Besides, this town has a million Starbucks; after you set up you can enjoy an ice cold frappuccino drink.”

First of all, this guy was FABULOUS! He goes out to junk yards and makes art out of stuff. He had a ton of these feral Pacman critters doing all sorts of crazy stuff.

TheMan agreed that if I wanted a garden gnome in my garden, I could get one of these. BRILLIANT! I did not this year and may not next year (I found a piece that’s even cooler than gnome napping feral packmen, if you can imagine that) but I think, if this guy continues to come to Art Fair, that my garden will become populated with his stuff. Check out Fred Conlon’s website at Awesomesauce.

This booth was wikid cool because all that stuff is woven art. I like! It makes more sense to me than rugs or flat wall hangings so I give them two boo thumbs up! Sadly I did not get an informational card so I can’t tell who they are. Just that they are wikid cool.

This fella was also really cool with using game bits and such to make stuff. Also…DORKUS IN THE MIRROR! Anyhow, there are dominoes and dots and mahjong tiles and cork doogers all designed up.

I did get a card for this booth and here you go.

We thought that these paintings were awfully bright and both TheMan and I went “Woah! Ummm…cool? Bright at least!” but it turns out that these electric colors seem to be the Art Fair thing this year. Or at least we saw a ton of similar BRIGHT painted stuff. Still, I liked these in a “I wouldn’t buy it for my house but I’d certainly admire it in an art gallery” way.

Nothing here that caught my eye in terms of artsy, just the odd hodge podge of bowls tossed in the island thing there. It was weirdly Blue Light Special looking, especially compared to the other pottery booths which had very carefully set up displays.

We decided to get some ART but not until tomorrow when we have a bit more time to wander about and to also think on our purchases. After work we went to the newly opened (ish) Asia City restaurant with the Qs to check it out. Asia City is owned by the same people who own Hua Xing, the wikid awesome Asian snack market. The building used to be a tacky green and red square block thing called “Chinese Buffet II”. They tore it down and for about a year were building this new restaurant.

Nice roses all along the walkway.

And of course the obligatory Foo Dogs (there is a right side one as well). I find the mascaraed face a little creepy.

When you walk in there is a HUUUUGE fountain wall at the far end of the lobby.

They even have a turtle as well as koi. TURTLE!

And on either side as you walk in they have these other fountain pools. You actually walk over a sort of bridge deelie with fountain pools on either side.

Looking down at the fish near the smaller door fountains. The fish can swim under the entrance walkway to the door fountain at the other side, although for whatever reason all the fish were on one side when we were there.

Both sides and the larger front wall fountain had all this neat detailing stuck onto the “stone” work. Here’s a little fisher dude. There was also a water buffalo and rider, a troupe of monkeys, a pagoda, a flock of cranes, a frog and lots of other stuff.

As for the food, OMG! There was a really decent all you can eat (they kept the buffet all you can eat theme for the new building) sushi bar and 4 or 5 double sided buffet lines. Plus the salad and dessert run and of course the soft serve ice cream. I have no idea why Chinese buffets have soft serve but it seems ubiquitous around these parts. Perhaps you can’t get a Chinese buffet license unless you have a soft serve machine. The food, BTW was deeeeeeelicious. I may have had seconds, possibly thirds.

After eats it was off to the movies to see The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Good flick, well recommended.

My traditional metal working guy Art Fair pic.

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