Japanese Snack Food Review: Meiji Polte Creamy Malon


Say look, I found another one of whatever these are. Today, they are Creamy Malon “Polte”, a couple Valentine’s ago they were Strawberry “Porte” and a while after that they were Whipped Cream “Porute”. I guess these sweeties are chocolate dollops of numerous different names, but that doesn’t mean they are bad. Au contrair! We really liked the strawberry version of Po-whatever and the whipped cream wasn’t anything to sneeze at either. These, I’d say, fall somewhere between the two.

Creamy Malon Po-whatever have the same quasi bitter cocoa dusting, melty chocolate, creamy filling and crunchy cookie as its cousins strawberry and whipped cream. All very tasty qualities, I might add. The bitter cocoa dusting sets off the sweet creamy filling nicely so this fella isn’t overly sweet yet sweet enough to be a nice dessert bite. I also like the crunchity cookie contrast next to the creamy filling and finally plenty of pea points for the tasty melty chocolate. Mmmm, mmmm!

Creamy Malon seems to be a hazel nut variety, judging from the cover but again, I do not read the Japanese. It does have a sort of nutty taste to it, so I’d go with hazelnut but only because of the packaging. The box also has maple leaves on it so it could be a nutty maple. Maple, hazelnut, cheese powder (yes, that is an ingredient while nothing nutty is listed at all) it’s all good and blends with the creamy filling to give a nice subtle nutty flavor (don’t worry, there is no cheesy taste in these at all, despite the ingredients). There is enough flavor to make this fella interesting but not to much that it grabs your taste buds by the…errr…whatever taste buds have to grab and demands that everyone know NUT IS IN THE HOUSE!

I just looked up the rating for both the Strawberry and the Whipped Cream and found both of them rated 4.5 peas. Since Creamy Malon falls between the delish strawberry and the good but not as grand (but still rated the same) Whipped Cream, I’m going to give Creamy Malon a


of 4.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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