Art Fair, Day Dos

A little Art Fair arty vandalism. Heh, beer crossing.

TheMan and I “did” Art Fair today by taking lunch and an hour vacation to stroll about. Sadly I was less in an arty pic snapping mood so there isn’t a lot to show. TheMan was also in a grumpy crowd mood and I wasn’t humanities biggest supporter either.

I thought this guy was really keen. He is selling didgeridoos that are also works of art when you set them back on their holder. That was awesome!

Here’s his card in case you are interested.

Aaaaand the guy who does the giant sculptures. I like the ally-oop feel of this one, but his previous Y-M-C-A was good and kids sitting on a log from years ago was also fun. I do look forward to what he has every year.

This is the not picture I took of one lady who did sort of painting looking tapestry-ish things. I thought she was just another painter la-de-da (but good) until we got up close and she had a half done work to show off her style. In what would ordinarily be little brush strokes she is using stitches and it was uber awesome cool. So much so that I totally forgot to snap a pic until much later. Doah!

We picked up some art on our sojourn. Here is the second to last dragon in the five Chinese Dragons series from Charlotte Fung Miller (actually her daughter does the dragons). Again the metal dragon was sold out. Darn you metal dragon for being so cool! This is earth dragon.

Earth dragon sort of puts the kibosh on three drakes up but look! Almost a full set. At the moment they are all hanging out on existing hooks placed by the former arrangement of things and eventually we will hang them more pretty like. You know, if we ever get the metal dragon.

Also, I would like you to meet Helmut Gnop, the first of our garden sculptures. I need some flowers for Gnop to be hanging out in.

2009: Helmut nothing for you.

2008: Like the metal dragon, this post has fleeted out of here.

2007: JSFR: Orion Pizza Cracker

2006: Beer crossing dude took your post by mistake. It happens.

2005: Your post is in the same dimension as the pic I should have taken of the tapestry painter.

2004: Y-M-C-Not posting.

2003: Seriously? 1 JSFR to back link and that’s it? I should have taken the day off.

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