WTF? BBQ! Definitely BBQ.

OK. Sunday it’s bootz weather cold with the bundling and the heavy jackets and the SNOW and today we have temperatures in the 70s with the sun and the flowers and the happy little birds taking water baths in some puddles. I’m not stupid here, weather. Don’t think that by acting like there wasn’t just FOUR INCHES OF FROZEN WATER STUCK TO THE GROUND not 24 hours ago. Oh no, homie don’t play that game. What is up with that? No really, what up weather? Gettin all cranky and then turning around all nice again like “Wasn’t me”. That’s so high school. Hrrmph.

Anyway, I’ll have a complete Smithee rundown once I get the pics off loaded from the camera. I thought I took more pics that I seem to have on the camera, but I just did a quick check during running around at the show. Eh, you will get what you get complete with narration. OK, Onward!

Sunday. Typically Sunday is the day to lay around destressing after a Smithee show and that we did. I can’t say when we got up because I don’t remember but I can pretty much guarantee it was after noon. We got up, puttered and then headed out to Dirge and Shar’s place for one last hoorah (and dinner at Paesanno’s) before they head out to Seattle. *sniff* they will be gone Saturday. I am the sad, although this does mean I can sell that damned condo. Oh, wait. Lemmie try that again. I am the sad because this means I will have to sell my lovely, perfect awesomely located condo of magnificence. Oh where can I find someone who will take care of my precious condo baby?

Anyone want to buy a condo?

Yeah, so Dirge and Shar are on their way. I think they have been on their way before Shar even got an offer (so YAY for them! It’s like their dream come true) but now it’s down to days. Four to be exact. I will miss them quite a lot; I’ve always had a blast stopping over and chewing the fat. Plus, they have kept the condo up nicely…in fact they have kept the condo up better than I left it. Dirge likes him some handyman work and believe you me, the condo is the perfect place for gettin your handyman groove on.

No wait, the condo is in EXCELLENT condition! It’s perfect, wonderful, best condo ever to grace the face of this town. You could not find a more perfect building if you made one from scratch.

Anyone want to buy a condo? You do? OK, don’t read the rest of this entry MmmmKay? And call me with your offer, we’ll see what we can do.

The condo really isn’t so bad. It’s an older building so it has some older building issues (most of which the Association is supposed to handle) and occasionally the furnace likes to go on a belching jag because there is still some crud in the gas lines from when they were dinking around and replacing them last summer but all in all it’s a nice little place. I’m even going to buy a new dishwasher for perks (and because I think that selling it with the old, cruddy dead one won’t fly too much. It’s all about the window dressing babE!). If I were still single I’d still be living there because SCORE! It’s a great starter “home” (you know, “home” like when your sister pesters you about owning instead of renting and you feel obliged to see what’s out there and BAMN you find a condo. That sort of starter “home”). However, I’m not single and I’m tired of dealing with the condo. TheMan and I have our own issues with our house, it’s time to let the condo go.

No really…anyone want to buy a condo? Oh wait, I forgot that I told you people to stop reading.

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