Ice Cream Sammiches!

HaHA! Rumtopf!

This weekend was rather low keyed more or less although I got quite a lot done. First of all, I went in for my first surgery Friday (nothing huge, just a blobotomy which turned out to be an oddly placed polyp). In the continuing quest for babyQ we’ve been doing this and that and whatnot and one of the tests was a Whoohahping-o-gram. It has an actual official name (probably with ‘hister or histo in it) but basically they flood the lady parts with dye and then take pictures as the dye travels through the uterus and into the tubes. BTW, that’s the most awesome thing EVER to see the dye boogie along like that.

They found a blob and decided a blobectomy was the next thing on the check list so I got scheduled for blob removal. Originally they told me that the surgery was going to be at 7 and that they wanted me there two hours early and OMG ARRRGH! But on Wednesday, when I was told to call in and get the real scoop, they said “Yeah, we moved you to 1pm”. You still can’t eat after midnight though (I was so HONGRY Stimpy) which was very grrr but I didn’t have to wake up at oh-dark-hundred either.

So we went to bed later than we would have which gave me time to put together another layer of the Rumtopf.

General anesthesia is weird. People kept telling me “Oh, they said to count down from 10 and by 1 I would be asleep but I only got to 8!!” so I was ready for some fast acting sleepy time. TheMan, who had his teeth worked on under general, said he got cheated on his full countdown. Me? I don’t even remember them saying to count down at all! I remember getting wheeled to the operating room, then I had to scootcha over to the table which had a butt dimple in it. I was very proud of sitting in the butt dimple on my first try until they said that I was supposed to actually be sitting above the butt dimple. Why call it a butt dimple if your butt doesn’t go in it? Hrmph. My hospital gown also got all tangled and I think they said they were starting the something in the I.V. Then next thing I know the nurse is telling me that I have to wake up and take deep breaths.

Stoopid nurse, I was asleep, didn’t she see that? But she was all “Deep breaths” and wouldn’t go away so I grumblingly decided I’d wake up if only to yell at her to shut up and let me sleep. Then I found I couldn’t wake up and that was really annoying. So I took deep breaths because hey, maybe she knew what she was talking about and now I wanted to wake up. Damnit. It must have taken me a half hour (re: 5 minutes) to de-grogify myself and that was not fun.

They did go fetch TheMan straight away when I groused at them that I wanted to see my husband. Then they checked me out post haste when I cranked at them that I wanted to go home which was really rather nice of them. I wanted nothing more than to have my husband drive me home so I could nap in my own bed and they did not stand in the way of that. They also instructed TheMan on my meds and to pamper me. He bought me ice cream sammiches and believe you me, after a marathon nap I tucked into several of those sammiches. MmmMmmm.

Recovery went pretty smoothly and by Saturday morning we were out to the farmer’s market for…

more Rumtopf layers. Cherry followed by tart plum, which has filled up quite a bit of the smaller jars. Hmmm!

TheMan found a cherry pitter on his out and about get me sammiches shopping trip. Best kitchen utensil purchase of the year!

Muahahaha! My How to Make a Zombie shirt looks like I’ve been fighting zombies. I guess the shield on a cherry pitter is there for a reason (Note to Self: Keep the shield on or pit cherries naked).

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