Not Much Going On

Yeah yeah, yeah. Smithee entry is coming, hold on to your hats, MmmmKAy?

As usual, there was no Tuesday post. Mostly because I didn’t have anything to post about on Tuesday, so instead of boring you to huge quantities of tears, I opted not to write at all. What I did do is play a gignormous amount of KoL and TheMan and I watched many many Law & Orders. Your typical Q night in, complete with Chinese food. Mmmm, delivery.

So, as you can see by the title, there isn’t a whole lot going on. TheMan was illin today so he stayed home with a Venti headache complete with nausea. I don’t think I’ve ever had a head ache so bad it got my stomach going all rumble gut, and for that I am thankful! Of course, it seems as if I always have some low level kind of head ache going on (I really need to get in the habit of taking my Claritin, it does pretty good at toning down the sinus headaches) so I might have a higher tolerance for head pain due to exposure.

Some things that did happen include the weather warming the hell up and then cooling the hell back down. Fortunately, it’s just a tad chilly in that Spring sort of way rather that the “Where did I put my winter boots” sort of chilly. I can deal with that. Four inches of snow? Not so much (although four inches of snow that completely disappeared by the next afternoon rocked). Unfortunately, I’ve spent the last two days getting my Birks and socks quite wet going to and fro. I hate wet socks. I hate wet socks that proceed to crawl down your foot and under your toes and into the wettest part of a Birk even more. Grrrr.

Monday I had a doctor’s appointment with the girlie doc (he’s actually a he doc, not a she doc but he’s an OB/GYN so: Girlie doc) at 3:30 in the afternoon so I puttered out there in the truck and arrived a good 15 minutes early. I then got to hang in the waiting room for another half hour, which would be – for you temporal math geeks out there – 15 minutes past my appointment until I was called in. I talked to the…errr…Medical assistant? They seem to have this strange hierarchy of not doctor people starting with medical assistants, then nurses, then nurse practitioners then physician’s assistants. I learned that from talking to the MA. Anyway, as best as I can figure, MAs are one step above a candy striper. They are allowed to give you your standard shots (flu, TB, etc) and do room prep but they can not discuss anything or give IVs. Nurses can give IVs, nurse practitioners can prescribe and physician’s assistants can diagnose. Or something like that. Hey, I thought it was pretty interesting.

Anyway, the MA did this and that and then left the room which left me to wait for the doc to come in and do his doc thing. Fortunately, I had a book so I read the intro to The Book of Five Rings. Then I read the first book of the book of five rings. Finally the doc came in, we do some patient doc talking (he’s a new doc for me) and then he left again so I can get all nekkid for the exam. Wheee. I did get a gown that was about seven sizes bigger than what I would wear (you know, if I were in to wearing hospital gowns) so it took a bit of figuring out but eventually I got the tent like thing on in a mostly decent fashion. I had a tad of trouble with the cross over flap on the top which couldn’t tie to the proper tie place without gapping and sagging (and showing the world my rather chilly right boob. They wanted the gown on opening forward) so I had to stuff as much of it as I could in my armpit in order to stay decent. It’s very difficult to do much with the top flap of a hospital gown stuffed in your arm pit. After that, I waited some more and continued with the reading. Eventually, the doc came back, did the exam and BAMN I was done. The actual yearly for a woman really doesn’t take that long (say, what, 15 minutes at most?) but I got out of there at 4:45 for a 3:30 scheduled appointment. Oi! Too many patients, too little appointment time.

The good part about all of this was that the doctor’s office is right close to Tsai grocery and Tsai grocery has Japanese Snack Food at reasonable prices. I picked up a ton of stuff for $30, a $60+ value at a certain store located in the down town area. It was wonderful to see Pocky for about a buck fifty rather than three plus. I picked up all the snack food for my guest reviewers and some more for my habit and drove happily home.

Other than dishes (yes, dishes), and always Law and Order, that was pretty much my Monday and Tuesday. I tell you, we live the life of excitement here at the Q house. Boy howdy. OK, I’m going to stop blathering now and let y’all get on with whatever you were getting on with. Ciao.

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