Spring Cleaning

Again, not much going on at the Q house but elsewhere…wheeeee!

Yesterday I went off on a nut and cleaned the beegeebus out of my desk at work. Madness, I tell you, madness. I think I stopped just shy of getting the desk clean enough to safely perform an operation on but only because I lacked the proper cleaning agents. I did, however, manage to Windex it to within an inch of its life and let me say now that Windex is some wonderful stuff. Dust bunnies of all sizes were running for their lives as I madly spritzed the desk with abandon. Muahahaha!

Seriously? I don’t think I’ve scrubbed the desk down like that in…errr…well I think I did it once. Maybe. Yeah, when I inherited the desk I’m pretty sure I gave it a scrubbing down. I don’t like other people’s leftover cooties. I also got it into my head to do a little rearranging so now the place looks all spic and span and organized. I think I actually THREW CRAP AWAY so you know it was a good cleaning (except for the super balls, those I stuffed in a drawer somewhere. Out of sight out of mind. I’m planning for the next person who gets my desk to inherit them. HA!).

I decided to change my desk art around too as well as the functional things (like I moved the pencil holder out from behind my monitor and set up my stapler so I don’t have to constantly move crap from around it to staple anything) so all the funny little Japanese guys came down off the monitor (which I discovered has an extremely short power cord. Whoops) and got taped to that useless keyboard space above the function keys. It’s pretty rad to have them all down at finger level, except Kokopan is now giving me the constant stink eye. That’s not as rad as the Neko-burger cats, in fact Kokopan stink eye is a little creepy. Hrmmmmm. I think Kokopan needs a girlfriend.

Of course you KNOW what has been happening constantly today with anything that has a drip like property to it. You could spill a cup of coffee two floors away and it would somehow wind up on my desk today. Le sigh.

I love cleaning out my office stuff, it gives me great pleasure to organize and, more importantly, recycle redundant and obsolete stuff that belongs to other people. My own crap is sacrosanct but stuff I inherited from a basically five year vacant position? It gets “organized”. Heh. I think because my job was vacant for five years (but intermittently done by a parade of hourlies) that things got a little out of hand in terms of what should be kept, what shouldn’t and where it all ought to be filed. Here’s a good example: Two weeks ago I was mutzing about with this statistics project that generates a huge quantity of paper bundles. I store these bundles in a file cabinet drawer but since it’s an ongoing project, I keep getting more and more bundles. Two weeks ago, I finally had no more room in my filing cabinet to put them. Why? Because half the cabinet was taken up by files I inherited from a librarian who left shortly after I was hired on. Way back when, I asked what I should do with them and I was told “Hang on to them.” OoooKAY doke! So I did. Periodically I asked again and again I was to “Hold on to them”.

Since I needed to stuff more bundles in the drawer that was having none of it, I took an irritated look at the files I was “Holding on to” and lo! What should I see but my own name on one of the myriads of manila folders! OoooOOOooo, I shouldn’t have had anything with my name on it from this long gone librarian worth holding on to…unless it was some sort of juicy personnel file. But of course I grabbed my file, of course! What, me let this potential opportunity to ferret out some good (albeit old) juicy gossip about my person? Chyuah, right. So I took a look and found…

a single sheet of paper with a password on it. A password that we now keep electronically and elsewhere in a master copy that contains everyone’s password.


So I looked through the rest of the files and what do you know. Most of them were just the single password sheet. Five years these things have been taking up space in my drawer and for about three years they have been redundant. So I “filed” them and gained a whole ton of space for my statistic bundles. The rest of the files I made the executive decision to oust and gave them to a librarian to look through. Some of it should be kept for historical value while some of it can be tossed I’m sure but I let the librarian make that decision. I did get a lot of really cool pastel manila folders out of that weeding project though, score.

Did I just write a whole entry on cleaning my office? I did! I pity you people. OK, I’m outta here. TheMan and I are hanging with Dirge and Shar tonight and helping with the truck packing, which ought to be fun. Wheeee.

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