So Long and Fare Well

I think I have misplaced one of my JSFs. Hrmmm. The sad thing is I do believe I took it home with me to write up the review and…errr…well it hasn’t yet been reviewed. Meanwhile, the one I did NOT take home with me sat on my desk long enough for me to have written several reviews but as it was an already reviewed JSF, I did not. Finally I got disgruntled with its sorry already reviewed ass and I ate it. If only I hadn’t taken the unreviewed one home I would already have something for this weekend. Le sigh.

Speaking of JSF, TheMan and I picked up a little sumpin’ sumpin for Dirge, Shar and the kids for the long haul out west. We got the kids each a hand held electronic game (which we made sure the sound could be turned off on. We could just picture the carnage after driving for a zillion hours through the plains states with the “bloop” and the “ding” and the “ba-deetle-deet”) and we got Dirge and Shar a JSF care package. Some of the snack foods are already known to us; we packed a large can of WASABI PEAS!! and a family pack of roast pretz and for dessert-pocky! In keeping with the whole JSF, we also picked up some things that we have not yet tried. There’s a pack of interesting looking sesame crackers, some flat crackers, some gummi strawberry things and maybe one more something. I can’t remember. It’s all good. Maybe.

All week long Dirge had been talking about downsizing to the smaller U-haul truck (I think they had a 24, went to a 17) because really, they don’t have a whole lot of huge ticket item stuff. About the only thing they ahve that can’t be broken down into smaller pieces part elements is a couch so he figured everything would collapse down into 17 feet of storage. When TheMan and I got there last night, Dirge was looking a bit worried. He and his good friend Chris had been packing the big things and boxes and the truck was looking mighty full while at the same time the living room was looking mighty not very empty. Uh-oh.

Now I’m a very good packer (an excellent packer. Dad let me pack very slow in the drive way every Saturday) and I can get things to fit into a container that, given Euclidean space, were never meant to all fit in said container. No bragging, that’s just one of my weird Morlock talents. I am Packing Woman! TheMan will tell you he is a cracker jack packer as well (and he is very good for a normal) but between you and me (and now the whole internet) I am the better packer. It’s my X-Man mutant packing gene that sets us apart. However, yesterday I met a packing god. Superhuman packer though I may be, I shamelessly bowed down to Chris, the almighty deity of packing.

Chris had gotten to the condo a couple hours before we did, when the truck was half full and the living room was still three quarters full so by the time we got there Dirge and Shar were unpacking boxes of squishy things and repacking the squishy things into bags for better stuffability. Chris was working the truck so TheMan and I carried boxes and bags and disassembled furniture out to the truck to be packed. We toted, we hauled, we lugged and still Chris packed the truck. Occasionally he would call a halt to the marching tide of stuff and do a little rearranging or call out for a box or thing yea big by this long and then the march would resume. Every so often I would look in and discover MORE room in the truck than had been in there the time before. Bauwr? I kid you not, this man would build up a row of stuff, rearrange it and then Bamn! Like packing Tetris there would be more space to put stuff than there was before we brought everything out. I have no idea how he did it but somehow, Chris the Packing God got everything to fit in 17 feet of truck. It must be neutron dense in there for him to have gotten everything in and I’m totally sure that Dirge and Shar are never getting anything back out without some catastrophic mishap (Seattle inexplicably annihilated by 20 gigaton explosion: 17 foot U-Haul found at the center of the blast).

We were at the condo until almost 10 last night but the truck is pretty much mostly packed. I think there are a few last minute odds and ends, which we plan on helping out with today, and then Dirge and Shar are off to a hotel to spend their last night in A2. *sniff* I do not envy them the 4 day trip out west but hey, how many times does your perfect life land in your lap?

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