Empty Nest

Dirge and Shar have flown the coop for a more temperate clime and now I have a big empty (sorta) condo. There is some work to be done before we put it up on the market and since there isn’t much else to say, I thought I’d do a picto-list. That’s something new I just made up, BTW. I’m going to list out the needs to be fixed and take a pic of the before and then the after. I guess this is mostly for me and whoever likes to look at empty condo pics.

First order of business:

GodDAMN! That’s one nasty sink. It’s always drained slow, as had the shower until Dirge pulled 50+ year’s worth of cat and person out of the drain. Yes, it’s been Drainoed (or equivalent) time and time again and you know what? That stuff just does not cut it when you are talking years of accumulated narst. TheMan is going to try to get to the guts of the sink and pull the hair plug. Yuck. I’m not going to be anywhere around when he does.

Right. Bathroom ceiling. This bathroom was recently “redone” when I bought it by some professional bathroom redoer peoples. Mind you, the sink never really worked, the bath tub was always a slow drainer and that color motif is totally the former owner’s idea. Obviously, the “professionals” who were contracted out to do this beauty also didn’t quite get the whole paint, wet and ceiling thing down right. We need to scrape, seal and repaint this puppy.

And then there is the trim which I never finished painting (pretend the left half of the trim is an antique white while the right half trim is a blazing white. It really is that way in person). I ran out of time pre-move and never got around to it post move. That and my sis decided to take all the doors off and paint them WHILE WE WERE MOVING all my stuff from the Stadium house to the condo. What? I think I have the front door, the trim around the door, over to the window, over to the kitchen and back to the living room. Oh, and maybe the closet door. Maybe not. I’ll have to look. Of course I’m going to have to give the baseboards a good scrub too and hopefully NOT with the narst bucket from the sink project. Yuck^2.

Measuring! There is lots to measure. I need to measure the current dishwasher and stove (which are action item next), the garden edge (which is action item next of next, or further down next, or whatever), the Kitchen (which is action item in the list most definitely after this current action item) and the rest of the rooms to get the square footage. I suppose it’s listed somewhere as a whole but it’s nice for prospective buyers to know how big what room is.

Dishwasher. This one don’t work. Will need to buy another because who buys a condo for top dollar that has a useless dishwasher?

The garden. Damn, the roses are going crazy. I need to chop them back severely, tie up the climber (which is the craziest rose plant ever, next to that wild ass bush. I wish I could remember what it was though, I want one for the Q house), drop a 2×8 or 1×8 along the edge of the garden to define it a tad more, rake it out a bit weed it and plant some edge flowers.
The measuring is for the something x 8. I also might do some transplanting of stuff from the Q house, maybe throw some violets into the ground cover mix in the back.
Someone somewhere planted mint, it would be interesting to see a battle between mint and violet.

Kitchen. That floor. Ow, my eyes. I was going to tile it before I moved in (and moved the fridge in) but that didn’t happen (obviously). I just might throw down some linoleum squares though and call it good, anything would be an improvement over that. Yowza!

Some repair work in the basement wall. I don’t think a piece of poster board, despite matching quite well, is going to cut it so it looks like we are going to be in for a little patch work. We might design an access panel in there as well (the former people didn’t) because the err…220? outlet is behind the poster board.

Hmmmm. We could acoustic tile the basement for a spifitastic finished look (and I would like everyone to know that my former wonderful tenants painted the god awful mauve duct work a lovely vaguely egg shell color. Hurrah for normalacy) but I don’t know. That’s a lot of work. Mind you, if it costs me $100 in supplies and I get $500+ out of it, I’m sold! Drive those tiles right up, I’ve got a knife and I’m ready to cut. But. If it costs me $100 and I only get $200 out if it I aint touching a thing.

Lastly, we need to get this puppy appraised. Big bucks, no whammies (and lots of buyers flocking to give me oodles of moNAY to take this priceless gem off my hands).

Your Moment of crazy rose Zen.

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