A Day in the Life

An experiment in recording what I do and think by the hour (give or take) as the day progresses! Take a peek or just fluff your pillow up now.


Got in early today, just after 7:30, which is pretty unusual, and the double glass doors were open as well, which is mighty unusual. I need to get a watch, I thought for a minute it was quarter to eight or something since that’s when the doors are supposed to be opened but instead, someone with a key left them propped open. I think I need to report that.

I woke up early again this morning (go me, an entire week now not including the weekends-hey, which I woke up early on anyhow! Hrrrumph), and did my 20 minute workout. Increased my lunges by one a set, changed up the crunches a bit and worked on ankle flexibility. A lot more work in that area needed.


Nope, glass doors should not be opened and left propped open. Heard a little more about a sick coworker. She has pancreatic cancer and couldn’t have a Whipple procedure since the cancer had spread to her liver. The messenger said that the coworker sounded really good and was in a minimal amount of pain and that she will be talking with the radiation and chemo people today.


In a meeting. Welcome to Meetingfest ’03. Please keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times. Remember, the platform is moving at the same speed as the ride. Exit carefully and have a nice day. So far, we have talked about how stupid the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test questions have been (see, we are putting on a MBTI thing through this committee). And gathering together all the last minute details. I get to look for flip charts and reserve snacks. Whooo!


Meeting number two. So…am I doing flyers? Maybe yes? No? Yes! I’m eating CAKE! Hell yes! Mmmm, tasty carrot cake from Great Harvest Bread Company. Damn the calories, full cake ahead. Awww, man…it looks like the Panera Bread Company near the book store is open and I did not get to go today. Wahh! TheMan and I were early enough we could have checked it out but nooo-ooo, he had to go to work early. Well yeah we had already eaten breakfast and weren’t really that hungry but that’s not my point! We could have stopped, it was on the way, lights were on, people were home, WE LOST THE OPPORTUNITY! Lost I say! Lost forever in the annals of time! We can never get this morning and the lost trip to Panera’s back! Forever will I have to live with the knowledge that today I did not fulfill my Panera’s destiny! Wait, what are they talking about now?


No thumpies here, which is nice. I was beginning to think that the whales up in the stacks were having heart palpitations. You could feel it in the library, not so much here. Oooo! Everlasting Gobstoppers! What a great pot-luck idea to bring to a movie themed event.

even later

Still here. What time is it? I HAVE NO WATCH! It seems like I have been at this meeting for a long long time. Ummmm, they did NOT just say we have to dress up in formals to host the potluck did they?

much later

Hee. Charity walking at lunches. Alessar and I can have that wrapped up in a flash. Except they want a team and everyone pays $10 a week?? Hello? Oh now it’s against different parts of the Law School? No? Yes? What are we talking about now? I have no more tea to drink.

much much later

I have to pee

even much later still

I really have to pee

I give up

If this meeting does not end in the next 10 minutes I am going to wet my chair.


Hallelujah! I did not wet the chair, thankyouverymuch but it was close. Nice bunch of people but we talk way too much. Good cake though. Heh, I’ve summed up the whole meeting in those two sentences. I am a freak, I went from the bathroom up to the tea room to take down a previous flyer and while I was there I got more hot water. I am the pee queen! Whoot.


Freedom Fries? Freedom Fries? May I give a resounding WTF about that? You know, the Bush administration is sounding more and more like grade school politics. France won’t agree to us stomping our big nosy American feet all over Sadam because…ummm…because (tell me again why we are doing this? I keep loosing the logic of this war) well then we’re taking the French out of French Fries!! So there! Nyah nyah Pbbbbbbblt! Hee. Does that mean we can now put Fren-err-freedom fries in the bottom of a flat folded McDonald’s large fry holder, pop the container and holler “Freeeeeeeeeeeeedom!” as the fry launches itself through the air? Now THAT’s worth changing the name for.

Hey! So long as we are at it, I’ll have a garden salad with a bit of “The Dressing Formerly Known as French” on the side please. To go along with my Freedom toast of course (not so launchable as the fries…at least not without a nice wrist snap). Maybe a slice of “The Country That Will Not Be Named” bread to complement the meal. And to drink…Peru!


This is starting to become a really long entry. :\


How do you spell cullenary? Nope. Culanery? Nope. Cullanary? Nope. FOOD SKILZ! Yeah, That will look good on this flyer. l33t F00d Skillz! Yo! Dammit, now how do you spell recognition? <== Oooo, lookie that! Without spell check I would look like a complete moron I tell you. How many more hours of this work day are left anyway?


I rock. I so totally rock. I rock the house. I am AWESOME! Why? ‘Cause I forgot all my materials whilst traveling from my lair in the Sub-1 basement all the way to the 9th floor and I was able to procure the materials I needed along the way. Thus, did I save myself the trip all the way back down to get the stuff that I needed for all the way back up. Heh! I found me some paper on the 9th floor and Lo! Was that a pen in my pants pockets or was I just happy to see me? Yes, the pen I put in my pocket and forgot about saved me a trip back down to get a writing utensil for stuff that needed to be back up. Yes, I do rock thankyouverymuch.

OK, yeah shut up about the part where if I had had everything with me in the first place yadda yadda. I’m not listening! La-la-la-la-la-la!


Could. My. Computer. Get. Any. Slower? Must. Type. In. small. Words. Want. To. Print. An. E-mail. Press. Print. Butto-




I can hear it doing something but again my screen is locked up as it decides exactly what it is going to do. Maybe it’s trying to figure out where exactly the printer is sitting on the table next to me. Ugh, things have been going like this since noon. It feels like I’m working through electronic soup. The good news is that I’m outta here in 5 minutes and tonight is TheMan’s game. Whoot and whoot again. Ooo! I should start the computer shutting down now if I want to leave anywhere close to on time.


I am HUNGRY! We are waiting for the salads to arrive and they are taking for-ever. I took a look at the food numbers today and my fat grams is getting up there so I ordered a tossed salad. Mmmmm, salad. So so HUNGRY! Where’s my foooooooood?


Salads came, salads went and I am hungry again. I think Badmovie was right, my salad had no redeeming value to it what-so-ever because nothing in it was ever once ambulatory. Badmovie is a tried and true meatatarian so he knows his ambulatory foods personally. I think I need me some meat! MEAT!


Heh heh. My character just killed a demon-thing in two hits (actually a poke and a kick to the head). Gooooood Diiiiice. Sometimes you get lucky and kill these nasty things in two easy moves, sometimes the dice hate you and the characters get eaten by a sewer rat (but I swear it knew Kung Fu man!). The best part is that the character had just got done explaining what he does to these up and ups (I keep our wizard here alive so he can do his magic tricks. It’s a symbiotic thing) and WHAM! Demon splat. Oh yeah, bragging rights for at least a couple of sessions.


Yup. Badmovie has the right of things it looks like. I glanced over today’s food figures and while the fat is pretty good, I’m working on a really low calorie intake for the day. Must eat food. Ahhhh, oatmeal. Oatmeal good. Oatmeal tasty…hey, oatmeal gone! Whew, I was hungry. You know, I still have wiggle room in the daily intake; I bet some Baileys would keep that oatmeal company. Mmmmm, Baileys.

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