Behold! This is the machine that a certain USA Computer store did not have a single unit left of as of Tuesday.

Back again with the computer saga in which our “on hold computer” was sold, then the stores all over the entire area that was canvassed were closed, and then nobody had anything in stock Monday and finally the lovely game of phone queue tag. This brings the saga up to Tuesday, BTW. On Wednesday, we took the night off from calling and trying to figure out what up and I guess we did that Thursday too but for the life of me I can not remember what we did on Thursday. Maybe we forgot all together about calling and giving them a little bit more of our mind since it had been working wonders up to this point. Yeah. However, Friday we were back on target with Operation: Where the hell is our computer!?! Dutifully, we rang up CompUSA to try and sort things out (mostly for our own amusement by this time) and lo! Why, they had one sitting at the counter on hold for us since days ago.

Funny that, WE never heard about it. Damnit, I knew I should have put more points into “read mind”. TheMan told them we would be there in a half hour and to try and not sell it to anyone in that time. Heh. Off we zoomed and now we are proud owners of a spiffy new “gaming” computer. We still have yet to stuff it full of RAM and other tasty things that will make it a home work computer but that didn’t stop TheMan from geeking out all Friday. He was clam happy with computer guts all over and him humming his humming hum while he did all that which one does to brand new computers. Hey, don’t look at me, I thought it was a plug and play thing but apparently the guts had to be gutted. I don’t ask, I just use. It lives, it breathes, it does things and stuff (and World of Warcraft, which was also installed. Although, I’m pretty sure you don’t have to have the guts all gutted to install WoW).

It even has a place to house Yoda.

My old machine, which I think I shall name Franken Computer because of all the patch working and cannibalizing that has gone into making it remotely compatible for EQ, is now the lower end gaming computer (still able to run EQ though) while the new tasty “gaming” PC is set up where my old computer was. I definitely get to use the shiny new computer for WoW, but will probably bounce over to where TheMan usually sits for EQ as that machine still has all my old settings. Plus, he really needs the better resolution for the Enchanter. After all, all I really do with the frog is point and hit.

So there you go, a somewhat happy ending. Huzzah!

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