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Hola peepavores, I took a 4 day weekend these past few days because I knew that Friday was going to be locked up with cleaning and Saturday was the 9th annual Beach Party Bru-ha-ha. Sunday just wasn’t going to be a long enough break so I chilled Monday too. I also embarked on the August Blogaversary of the JSFR and decided to pop a review in on Monday. It was sort of like weekend what with my not going in to work (VACATION!!!) but also I didn’t want to screw Japan out of a review.

Friday was all about the cleaning! TheMan did not have a vacation day and I might have stayed up quite a bit late reading the latest Harry Dresden book so I slept in a bit longer than I had planned. It was a really good book! I think I got a couple things done before Badmovie came over to ferry me to Asia City for lunch. We were all going to hang out (LunarGeography, badmovie and I plus Alessar who invited himself to the gig when he found out we were having an outing) but LG’s head a-ploded. Badmovie, Alessar and I had a nice lunch though and afterwards badmovie and I hit Hua Xing. What? I needed snacks for my blogaversary thing!

Then I went home and cleaned some more. Saturday dawned and we cleaned yet more and Ohmigosh someone please remind me to start this deep cleaning well before the Bru-ha-ha next year! We did better this year cleaning things Thursday, Friday and Saturday before the party but I really need to take advantage of the rest of the year so I’m not all wore out at the party. This year was extra hard to get up and cleaning as that the entire week before the party we rearranged five different offices at work and there was a ton of cleaning to do. It seriously put me off my own cleaning; I am not made of stuff that can spend 8 hours a day cleaning and rearranging at work and then go home and start in on the same stuff where I live. Stoopid work.

Saturday we got done with all the party prep about a half hour before people were scheduled to arrive. That’s the earliest yet! 35 people (kids included) descended on the house and we had a right fine time. Our friend’s boy took such a liking to the party’s name that he spent the majority of the time intermittently yelling “BRU-HA-HA!” It is a very fun word to say. Afterwards we fired up a Smithee movie, as per tradition, and had us a right fun time with The Loch Ness Terror. Did you know that there is an underground tunnel connecting Loch Ness with Lake Superior? Streuth! And Nessie likes to lay her eggs on a little island near mumbletownmumble? True again! This movie was full of interesting facts I never knew! It was also very entertainingly Smithee.

Sunday we moseyed over to the Bomber for breakfast with teh Qs (who came down for the Bru-ha-ha among other things) and then we chilled and did a lot of nothing. I read Temeraire (Sp? Meh) book 4 for most of the day and then it was Warcraft night. We wuz mostly lazy although we did putter around and tidy up some from the party.

Monday I started and finished Temariare book 5. Ow my head.

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