I Won! I Won! And I Drank Beer

I won a T-shirt in a raffle!

Friday was a suck day. Work is still coming up with odd departmental move issues and statistics are due but half the people I need them from are on vacation. Plus I had to leave in the middle of the day to go and learn how to properly stab myself for the next iteration of “Where’s my damned babyQ!” I am not looking forward to the new and improved baby plan. It is yucky and involves needles and self administrating drugs and a crazy-ass schedule of things to do when and where. Plus, they keep asking me questions that are RIGHT ON THE GODDAMNED PAPERWORK!!!! Tuesday for the post op appointment, in which I told them it was a post op appointment (“So, why are you here today?”), they asked what my test results showed and what the next plan of action was. Because I’ve suddenly become precognitive? Or maybe gotten a degree in medicine in the week and a half since the surgery? CRIMONY!!!! Then there was parking after the appointment and the Alt WoW weekly which was epic fail. BAH!

Saturday we puttered around on Warcraft leveling my dr00d and completing some lowbie quests for the “Complete the Lowbie Quests” title. Truly we did a whole lot of nothing most of the day and then I went shopping and DQ came over for dinner. We had some odd ice creams (PB&J is interesting but kind of a little too weird) and cookies while watching Kick-ass. Good movie BTW.

Sunday was a little more Warcraft and then it was off to the Brew Pub for the rat pack thingit. A bunch of brewers all made small batches of experimental beer (Pinapple ale, jalapeno stout, blueberry porter) and there were munchies. Most of the beer was interesting to try but I didn’t much care for them in a drinkable way. The exception was one table that offered a jalapeno stout, coffee porter and a chocolate fudge dark something. Yummm! Then they had a raffle and we missed the growler by 1 number but won a shirt. I hardly ever win anything but I got a shirt!!!!!

Then we staggered home (there were 25ish beers to taste!) and I fell over into a nap for about 3 hours. Mmmm beer.

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