Every Day in the History of the Booniverse

Random goldfishes and I do believe another Wiki random special!

I had a lot of fun doing the random wiki thing a while back so I thought I’d take a crack at it again.

Entry One Silver RavenWolf

Ms. RavenWolf, for this is a person, appears to be a somewhat big wiggish Wicca (or is that big in the Wicca community? It’s an odd word and does some funky stuff when you change it around from noun to adjective) and an author. Heh, I’ve been looking for new authors to read, perhaps I’ll ask my Grad book minion if TeenWitch!: Wicca for a New Generation is available on campus anywhere. In case there are any practicing Wiccan (? Wiccans) out there, Silver RavenWolf seems to write for the practicing witch (the good kind) with a good handful of books of spells. I do not know if she is any good but she sure is prolific. She also writes witch fiction.

Entry Two Subdivisions of Galicia

Way back from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, here is a list of administrative districts. Wow (the expression) that’s just…stimulating. The best part of the entry is “Today Galicia belong to 3 Polish voivodeships and 3 Ukrainian oblasts”. Dude, *I* want to belong to a Voivodeship or an oblast, that just sounds cool. You can’t park there, that’s boo’s Voivodeship and you’ll be towed if you don’t have the proper identification.

Entry Three Epistemological Anarchism

Woah, I’m for anything that has “Anarchism” as well as “Epistemological” in it (especially if they take place in an oblast) because Epistemological? Sounds both cool and important. If you want to know in a nutshell what this is, Wikipedia says, “Epistemological anarchism is an epistemological theory advanced by Austrian philosopher of science Paul Feyerabend which holds that there are no useful and exception-free methodological rules governing the progress of science or the growth of knowledge.” Hey, look at that, we’re still in Austria. Anyway, Feyerabend has a point in that it is most likely impossible to resolve the universe into one equation (loosely defined by me) but I still kinda want to say Science. It works, bitches.

Entry Four Roger Reid

Another person; the the head coach for Southern Utah University (SUU) men’s basketball team in fact. I am amused that he has no picture. Poor Roger doesn’t rate a pic while Mr. Epistemological anarchism is large and glowering on the side panel despite the fact that his article wasn’t actually about him, the person. Would someone please have pity on Mr. Reid and throw his picture up on Wikipedia? He coached for Brigham Young University for crying out loud! (Wait…does BYU have a good basketball team? Maybe that’s not a feather for Roger Reid’s cap.)

Entry Five Schwarzkopf Spessart

And now your last and final random Wiki Entry…A STUB! Hee! Here’s everything that is on the Wiki Schwarzkopf Spessart page so you don’t actually have to go there: Schwarzkopf (Spessart) is a mountain of Bavaria, Germany. I’m going to go Google some pictures to see if poor Schwarzkopf Spessart at least gets some love over there.

2009: The batter fizzes up really neat for 5am. I expect it also fizzes up really neat for other times of the day but I was utterly fascinated by the spongy bubbly that early in the morning.

2008: Man I hate August.

2007: I had to look up what a dry sink was.

2006: JSFR:Dekavita.

2005: JSFR: Happi Mixed Crackers

2004: Ran the hell over a bunch of mole hills too (for the record, the mower does not so much like mowing mounds of dirt. Makes a weird “brrrrrWHAP” noise) and came to the conclusion that our lawn is the Ritz of the mole world.

2003: This marks the first wine making I have participated in from start to finish and it’s pretty darn exciting. Our first wine! Awwwww, it’s so cuuuute!

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