A Name Which Has Nothing To Do With Content

I really need to come up with a bunch of better titles for weekend recaps but first, today is Mr. Paul’s birthday. If you see him, say hello, maybe wish him a happy one. And give him a plastic flamingo.

For those of you with keen like observational skills, you will have noticed a new category named “Picto-blogging”. Woooo! This would be even more cooler if the categories would show up on the individual entries so you bandwidth impaired people could know at a glance that an entry will be picto-licious and therefore a bit slow to load. I’m working on that. Also, yes, I post dated Friday. Deal. I also post dated the JSFR, but you JSFRers should be used to that by now. Sadly, we haven’t gotten the camera in for fixing yet so all the JSFRs I have been wildly ahead on have now been posted. I have one more (and 50 boo points if you can guess what it is!) and then I’m all out of prefabed reviews. No, wait, scratch that, I may have 2 more. I’ll have to check when I get back to my Mac.

You remember the leper Mac that is on the edge of extinct? *sniff* I have not yet installed the Myst 3 pack that we got two Saturdays ago but I do intend to. I think maybe I’m a bit intimidated by it since Riven, which I have had for the PC (the one before Franken Computer), totally kicked my ass. I can not get anything to work in that world. Sub? I can get in it and I can lower it, but I can’t be in it and lower it at the same time. I can rock the roundy ball and fill the pool but what that does? No clue. I can put the cage up and down in that one room mountain thing-it but so what. The only thing I was able to figure out was the sky car and that just gets you to another island. Oh, and I figured out how to sneak up on the rock monsters but I don’t think that has much to do with the puzzle.

But! I do remember when we had Myst for our PC way back when and it was THE best game. We worked on it as a family where once one person figured something out, they’d write it in a “log book” that was on the computer desk. You didn’t have to look at the log book but sometimes there was a piece that just wasn’t fitting right aaaaaaand there it was! Right in the book. Sadly, no one has a book for me about Riven (and it may not have been working right on my old computer anyway) so I’m pretty much stumped. Plus, I have the Myst 3 pack, which includes whatever else is after Riven, which is supposed to be tougher than Myst and it all makes me feel rather dumb. So I haven’t yet popped it on the Mac.

I DID get a little World of Warcraft action going this weekend. I’m a cow. Isn’t that grand? I play a frog in one game and a cow in the other. Technically, I guess it’s a minotaur like creature but with cow feet and three digit hands that look very cow like if cows had three digit hands. I think they are called “Taurens” but for all intents and purposes, it’s a cow. I’m a cow shamen, which I haven’t quite figured out yet but I’m having fun learning. I plant totems which do area of effect things. At least that’s what they tell me. I haven’t really noticed much difference, maybe, except they have a weird sort of casting somat about them. Again, haven’t figured it out. I did get into a little crafting though. Apparently you can only have 2 crafty type jobs, and since cows are extra good at finding plants (go figure!) I took up herbalism and alchemy. I make potions! Plus, it’s kinda fun to go looking for plants when the critter smacking gets boring.

I will say that WoW is set up much better than EQ in terms of quests. I suppose you can level by just smacking things but the quests are pretty easy, at least at first, and you get some decent EXP, coin and items off of them. They are getting progressively harder as the cow levels but that’s cool. The quests are also getting further and further from the start point, which also makes sense as the character levels up and can go further and further away. The best part, though, is the zoning. The zones are contiguous, much more like DiabloII than EQ, so zoning takes no time at all. You also get a small bit of XP for finding a zone and that’s rather neat.

Saturday we played the Traveler game and had some fun there and then it was back home for World of Warcraft. Yum. Of course we stayed up too late and had to get up quasi early Sunday to mow and get some prep work done for the parTAY.

See, mumses had the keen idea of having a surprise birthday party for Mr. Paul on Sunday. She was in Alabama this week so while Mr. Paul went to pick her (and the ribs she was smuggling back in her suitcase from International something or other and Sharkey/shaky/smoky/whatever’s) we raided the house and decorated it up all spiffy like. Heh. We had crepe paper streamers, blow up balloons and helium balloons (including one Hello Kitty balloon because every 53 year old secretly wants a Hello Kitty balloon!) and noise makers that didn’t really make noise unless you yelled into them and popper dudes that shot out streamers. We had it all! We also made the puppy pee the floor when we shouted surprise, popped the poppers and sang happy birthday through the noise makers all at the same time.

TheMan and I got Mr. Paul the traditional Russian Roulette of wine (we basically find wine that looks and sounds good but that we haven’t tried yet. It’s a gamble but I see it as also opening up one’s horizons to new wine experiences), a bottle of cBLAMberry wine (which we have tasted and have deemed it yummay), a battery operated carp fish and a paper airplane folding kit thing. Sis got him live wiggly (and in water) Koi, which was the coolest. We had a releasing ceremony too and got to see all the other fishies in the pond. Mr. Paul is sure proud of his pond.

After that, it was more WoW and to bed much later than we really should have. Oi!

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