Random Picto Post

Coneflowers from my garden! Also, I dedicate this post to my mom…it’s mostly pictures!

My Jacob’s coat flowers, also form my garden. Pretties.

Not from my garden but taken when I was standing near my garden, here’s a pretty evening sky shot.

This drawing is, I think, in the third floor lobby of Hutchins Hall. At least it was before they started all the construction, it may have moved. Every time I go by it I try to figure out what exactly it’s all about but I think it’s some sort of architect drawing whatsit that shows two different perspectives at once. Or something. It’s a weird drawing.

On the way home from work one day we spied this lady painting the fire hydrant. Peeps have been painting the hydrants all over the University area (and perhaps A2 as well) but this is the first project in progress I’ve seen.

More cute kitties asplorin.

And a pic from the past of Isaak going cat nip sock loco.

Lastly, to keep you in a cool frame of mind here is one of the several Christmas ornament that they hung off the Law Quad trees one year.

2009: Did they leave a note saying, “Sorry I BROKE YOUR CAR DRIVING LIKE A FUCKTARD here’s my info”? Of course not.

2008: “Yes, I want to go out for mojitos but I don’t want to drink them with anyone else around. Tough to do in a public bar.”

2007: JSFR: Coffee Drinks

2006: JSFR: Dakara

2005: Oooo, and it comes with an ottoman, which is a really fun word to say.

2004: I thought “I am never going to remember this plate. Ever.” so I requested a personalized plate.

2003: So, for changing (and perhaps laundering) a $20 on Saturday, I got me a venti snickerdoodle on Monday.

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