My Bologna Has A First Name

It’s B-O-R-E-D!

And I can see why I don’t typically post on Tuesdays. One, I never really do anything truly exciting on Mondays, especially compared to a whole weekend recap. And two, (which I think really needs its own sentence that has a logical and grammatically correct sentence structure), errrmmmm, two I’m lazy. However, today I’m bored. Bored, bored, bored so I thought I’d just post a little bit of bits and call it good.

Hey, sounds like an SAST!

Here’s what I did yesterday: Went to the Union for a pregame launch meeting. Got some cookies, ate some cookies and some chicken nuggets. Oh, and a potato, but the potato wasn’t as truly great as I thought it ought to have been so meh. I was in a tater mood, the Wendy’s baked tater just didn’t satisfy it. TheMan went home and got all our material we forgot, which were our 95% complete characters so we didn’t do a whole lot of anything really since most people hadn’t rolled up their character anyway. I did decide to play the Peacekeeper though instead of the intelligent octopus, but only because we needed another thumpy type. Octopi aren’t really battle warrior type creatures (although they do tend to show up at hockey games, which also tend to breed fights so…).

World of Warcraft news: I leveled up the cow a bit, did some more quest things, found some more herb stuff for makin potions, you know, the basic dinking. I wish the zones weren’t so full of critters, though, because I would have been just clam (or cow) happy to have been wandering the country side looking for herbs and practicing my potion making with an occasional side tracking fight. Instead it was lousy with things that wanted to eat PCs so the herb hunting was less relaxing and low key than I would have hoped. I did learn though, that jumping off the cliff city isn’t the best of ideas.

KoL is doing a lot of revamping lately, not all of which is pleasing to me. My main character was sadly dinked with a while back and today my two moxie characters can not hit phooey if it up and bit them on the nose. I understand revamping the mysticality based characters so that they rely more on their magic than their muscle or moxie (because duhhh! Casters here) but I don’t quite understand making all the spells much higher in casting cost at the same time. It’s like the trash initiative: Smaller cans and longer emptying cycles. Whoooo! The moxie change up is kind of mystifying though, since moxie characters are quasi fighter/caster hybrid characters yet they can not fight worth their salt today. Maybe the coding went wonky. Or maybe it was the addition of pickle flavored gum. Whatever the reason, KoL is slowly becoming less fun and stupid and more annoying and stupid. Hrrmph.

Incidentally, today I can not spell “moxie”. It has come out “moxis” every single time. Hooray for spell check I guess.

Also in the news: I had a most wonderful lunch time with Alessar today. The lunch itself was rather mediocre (decent diet coke, pretty standard plate of fries) and the bill was a little surprising ($3.50 for a side of fries? Daaaaaamn, thems better be pretty memorable fries…which these weren’t) but we ate outside on the sidewalk patio thing and that made up for a lot of what was lacking at lunch. I really dislike that restaurant as a pedestrian because they snarf up 75% of the walk (which is something like 15 feet of walkway from storefront to street) for their outdoor patio seating however on the flip side of the coin, being a patron of said store rocks ($3.50 plate of fries not withstanding). I rather enjoyed sitting out in the open, taking in the spring air listening to the trees rustle in the wind, occasionally picking tree flowers out of my fries (OK, that isn’t the grand part of patio dining, I’ll admit) it was a perfect day for lounging in the weather.

Huh. Well that’s about all my random bits. Eh, come back tomorrow, maybe I’ll have something better for ya. Sorry about that. Have a plate of fries on my account.

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