Hello, Sally

Mumses and Mr. Paul got a new puppy. Everyone meet Sally.

I’m not sure if I wrote about this, but going on a month ago now Lucy-dog passed away. She was only 5 years old, which is young for a cocker spaniel, but she had had some health related problems. Two years ago she lost about 90% of the movement in her back legs and was confined to her wheels or scootching about the floor. That dog loved both. When she had her wheels on she was a terror and without her wheels she could wiggle across a floor faster that you might have thought.

Lucy lived happy for quite a while and then one day she started out lethargic in the morning and by the end of the day she was gone. It was quite a shock to everyone because that dog had more energy than a pale full of puppies and she never seemed to notice that her hind legs didn’t work right anymore. It was like the front half was making up for the lack of verve in the back half. True, Lucy was scared of “monsters” (which was anything her size or bigger) and would bark to wake the dead when “monsters” came into the house but all in all she was one of the most happy and vivacious cocker spaniels mom and Mr. Paul have had.

I was sad when Lucy died and mumses said that it would be quite a while before they got another dog because my parents are the textbook example of dog people. This is also the first time that they haven’t had two dogs in the house at the same time so when Lucy died, the house was big and quiet. I think the quiet was beginning to get to mumses and Mr. Paul because mumses called me up last week to tell me that they were looking around at cocker breeders just to see what was out there. Today I got the above picture in my e-mail.

Welcome to the family, Sally.

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