What’s Going On.

You are going to thank me for not posting yesterday because yesterday was a day full of HATE and CRANK! I was going to go off on a nut about this and that and the other so I just sat and stewed instead of spitting web venom. You’re welcome.

One of my cranks had to deal with the whole “Green Day” thing they are doing tomorrow. The U, or maybe my small section of the U-I’m not too clear on that yet-is doing this recycling awareness gig in which everyone is encouraged to participate (re: clean out your office in an environmentally friendly manner) or volunteer (re: sort through all the junk that has been cleaned out of participating people’s offices). Lemmie stop here and say that the program isn’t giving me the hairy crank ball because dude! Think about the scope of an entire school/college (for the U operates as a collection of many different schools and colleges rather than a unified place of education with sub divided departments of study) devoting a day to getting down and dirty with the reuse, reduce, recycle. Pretty darned cool that. Hence why I volunteered. Or at least I think I volunteered. Hard to say, exactly.

The committee heading our festival of environmental goodness has some interesting organizational initiatives. As I understand it, there is an uber committee that is in charge of collecting volunteers and assigning them shifts to work. Uber committee has members from all the different branches of the school who may or may not have been the people who were supposed to collect volunteers. I say this only because our rep on the uber committee wasn’t sure how exactly the volunteer collection was supposed to go down. When the uber committee isn’t telling the uber committee how plans are going to go, things are amiss. Somehow I was left off the list of volunteers when it was sent up to the uber committee to do its shift schedule magic yet when the schedule was complete there I was all signed up and ready to shift! I’m not sure how that happened exactly, but go me. Or go them. Or go somebody.

Unfortunately, as I was left off the list in the first place, I never heard about my shift at all until late yesterday when I was discussing a totally unrelated project with a coworker. It seems as if she and I are scheduled to be on the same work shift tomorrow. It also seems as if she never gave her name to volunteer, yet somehow she was on the list. OooooKAY! Methinks the uber committee is bizarrely psychic or perhaps mildly insane.

On the plus side, they seem to have their recycling areas pretty well organized. Perhaps they are more object oriented than people oriented.

World Of Warcraft! That’s what’s going on. A lot of WoW, but it’s a fun game (and new) so we are still in the stages of game exploration. I have a cow. We also hooked up with one of TheMan’s friends (who sort of put the bug of curiosity into TheMan’s brain a while back) and now we are in a guild. Huzzah! We spent quite a lot of time goofing off and exploring the “emotes” and laughing our asses off. TheMan plays an undead warlock who does thrasher air guitar mosh pit dancing when you tell the game to make your character dance and the cow…well the cow does the electric slide. Yes, my character line dances. The scary thing is, the cow line dances really well so if I even need to figure out the electric slide (and oddly, there are occasions that crop up in which one might find it very useful to have electric slide knowledge. Should that be capitalized? Probably) I can just fire up WoW and put my cow into dance mode. The characters will also /rude, /beg, /salute, /wave, and /cheer. Oooo! I ought to try /cry! Most of the emotes are the same as the EQ emotes (at least the ones we’ve tried) so I just went through and tried all that I could remember.

Not a lot of condo or house stuff has been going on, sadly, so there is no news there. Hey, we’re working on it! TheMan has the day off tomorrow and plans to spend it yanking a dishwasher that doesn’t work. I love my man!

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