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Friday kinda sucked because a good work friend of mine did something bone headed and was fired as a consequence. I don’t know the detaily-details but I know a little more than the rest of my coworkers. All of us agree that it sucks because there’s work to be done and fewer people to do it. This coming Friday another coworker is leaving (going back to school) and they just created an internal position promotion/sideway-otion (for people with my comparable level it’s a promotion but the next level up can also apply and it would be a step sideways) in which the person will be doing 75% new position stuff and 25% wherever they have come from stuff. Which means 75% of the job of whoever gets the new job is not going to be done by them anymore. Work is going to be interesting.

My ex-coworker is bummed but sounded much better after the whole thing was settled. He’s been in limbo for about a week and is glad to have a resolution, even if it’s not the resolution he would have preferred.

So yeah, this weekend was full of sucky. We didn’t do much except Warcrafting and that was kinda…odd. We got into a 25 man raid which was a good bunch of our guildies but put on by another guild and with a couple other people from somewhere else. Eh, it was a 25 man which our guild doesn’t do often at all so I thought it would be fun. However, they were already in progress so we went to the fifth boss in line. The main tank wasn’t on vent and got pissy about it (I guess the off tank needs to be psychic or something. Whatever), I never got clarification about who all was tanking besides me and the stoopid tank who couldn’t be arsed to communicate like everyone else and they yelled constantly.

Hey, I tanked solidly so they can go stuff a pig. All my guildies were pretty pissed off about the whole deal, especially after they said that non their-guildies couldn’t roll on the good loot. What? That’s just rude and if we had known we wouldn’t have gone. Our healer out healed all their other healers (HA!) but our Deeps didn’t out DPS their peeps because our people were doing what they should for the fight. Their people didn’t get out of the way of the bad crap because they wanted to DEEPS!!! So they screwed it all up for everyone since not getting out of the bad crap caused everyone to wipe. Multiple times. But hey, they all had mad fat deeps.

I can’t wait for our guild to get 25 mans going because we aren’t insane. Plus, we get out of the bad crap.

READ A DAMNED BOOK! So…umm…The Scar is due on Friday and I’m not going to get it done. I’m currently about 100 pages in (100 excellent pages so far but about 500 more to go) but I checked it out last fall and I’m too embarrassed to check it out again. I figure I’da bought the book anyway so I think I’m going to do just that and return the Grad’s book so it can go home and see its family. A whole year! Yikes, I procrastinate. I blame the Hugos.

Sunday morning I made another Nero Wolfe recipe. Stay tuned for blueberry muffins!!

2009: Hadn’t yet checked out The Scar but I was thinking about it!

2008: JSFR: Dessert Pocky (chocolat orange)

2007: Probably reading Perdido Street Station; I had that checked out for almost a year too.

2006: Mmmmmmuffins!

2005: Yes, I’m talking about WoW! Actually, we did a whole lot of squadda (heh, that’s my nada and squat combo word. I get extra damage points for that).

2004: I can not say “double yolk” without thinking (or saying) “double yolker” and hearing it in a chicken run Rocky voice. I also tend to pat my stomach too, which is disturbing

2003: Since fire was still working and we had MEAT in the freezer we had us an old fashion cook out for dinner. Hee.

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