It’s Rather Easy Being Green, Actually.

Today was the big GREEN CLEAN day here at the U. Or maybe at my small part of the U. Again, not too sure on that, but I did get a nice polo shirt out of the deal. Go me! I had to rearrange my schedule a bit in order to appear for my assigned 9:00 to 10:00 shift because I had two other things already going on for that same time slot. I wound up being about a half hour late but I planned on doing 2 hours of Green Clean time anyway so they made out in the end. Why they couldn’t have asked for times before making the schedule out in the first place is still a mystery. Hrrrmph.

I got the boss end of the deal too, I was assigned to “books”, which meant I was not a schlepper (those who had to haul heavy carts all over the place), sorter (those who sorted the “recycle” stuff from one giant collection bin to individual piles of recycle) or any other person who had to do any sort of work what so ever. The perfect Cheeto job! I and my book cohorts sat around in the stacks waiting for a schlepper to arrive with a bunch of books which we then sorted into various categories, including “Hey! This is a Library book! That’s not right!” and “Yeah, the 1971 guide to the Soviet Union. Not so much current, very so much recyclable”. The books that wound up not recycled or not returned to their circulating home went to the public library or the book recycler if the library didn’t want them. Easiest job ever!

It was kinda fun going through everyone’s cast off books. Someone dropped off a whole gaggle of inspirational religious books and someone else got rid of all their German and Lithuanian books. Pretty keen.

After the inspiring yet relaxing two hour stint of “working”, there was an hour of actual work time (you know, where I had to go back to my desk and put forth some effort for my pay check) before the grand Green Day Participants Pizza Party Extravaganza. I love my job! I was so inspired by the whole Green Day thing (and I tell you, there were carts and carts of stuff schelepped to the recycling dumpster. Tons! Millions of papers recycled! Billions! Billions of papers recycled!) that I attacked my office with zeal and zest. The back wall is lined with shelves (I think they added this office after putting shelves around the perimeter of the library) which house all manner of “stuff that I should keep and/or stuff I inherited that I have no idea what to do with so it just stays there”. Most of the rest of the afternoon I spent going through those nebulous piles of “stuff” and discovered that 90% of it was now just obsolete stuff. There was a stack of print outs for a project we are no longer keeping print outs for (away with them!), an entire stack of project stuff for a project that has been revamped (away with them!), natty old magazine boxes and paper boxes from ages ago that I thought might come in handy at some point in time but never have (away with them!) and a whole stack of empty manila folders in all sorts of pretty colors (away with th-wait! Pretty! Shiny! OK, keep them but get rid of any and all of my boring banged up manila folders. Yes! Away with the boring!). I cleaned Hizzouse, yo! It looks…righteous? Rad? Shnizzle? The shnizit? Whatever the appropriate word is there for “It looks damn fine”.

I love organizing other people’s stuff. I love my job today! There are only three other things I haven’t “organized” yet: A bunch of 3-ring binders full of the revamped project (yes, binders and stacks of stuff for the same project. How lucky am I to have inherited both? The binders look fairly neat and tidy though, so I ignored them), a paper cutter no one ever uses and a whole assembly of stuff for rescuing squirrels. Yes, squirrels.

I’m feeling pretty good and organized, almost peppy enough to go home and do some arranging. Almost. Maybe. Heh…riiiiight.

Last year at the booniverse: I also found another beetley bug on the night stand and on top of some receipts (on the night stand) so I came to the conclusion that I did NOT snot out an African Brain Eating Bug the other day, but in fact snotted ON the poor bugger. Ew.

Last last year at the booniverse: Last time I tried that my critter came out looking like a pissed off beaver. It was supposed to be a goldfish.

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