I Guess This Is The Usual

Guess who yanked a dishwasher Friday. Also, guess who injured their back slightly doing it. Guess who had to unplug all their electronic equipment because of a huge thunderstorm and guess who was tending to dinner and missed the most romantic stormy part of the weather. Guess who took a nap Friday and guess who fell asleep and thereby failed to wake up the napping person for Stargate. Guess who has missed Stargate for three weeks running now. Guess who spent far too much time playing World of Warcraft. Guess who laughed themselves silly playing with emotes and new characters. Guess who created a gnome (who may or may not be named “Tan”) and accidentally took the tram to the other side of the continent and then decided to walk back. Guess who found out where all the high end zones are. Guess who drank just a wee bit too much wine and had a most righteous headache (to go with their righteous pillowhawk). Guess who played even more WoW and finally, guess who went out for Japanese and got sushi.

Mmmmm, sushi. Well, I guess that was the weekend in a nut shell.

So, some things did happen, like TheMan pulled the dishwasher and unplugged the sink in the condo (yay TheMan). This also lead to him having a sore and achy back later on in the evening, so while I decided to take a brief nap after our quasi romantic by the light of the storm dinner (with instructions for him to wake me up in an hour or two in time for Stargate) he went upstairs to shower and maybe do some geeky computer things. Sadly, his back was very much The Ow so he decided after the shower to lie down on the floor with his feet up and…errr…well I guess that’s supposed to be one of the back relaxing positions. It was for him since every one of his vertebrae went snapple pop. This in turn was so relaxing he fell asleep for three hours flat on his back, fresh out of the shower, with his feet up on the chair and naught else but his jammy bottoms on. Did I mention that it cooled down Friday after the storm? Did I also mention that TheMan put in the upstairs window fans this past week? Sometime around 12:30 in the morning I had a popsicle husband wander into bed.

Fortunately, no one got sick over the weekend.

We did have a severe attack of lazy (and I mean severe) on Saturday so we ditched all our plans and did nothing but dink around with World of Warcraft. Noth-Ing, I tell you but sit our butts in front of a computer for more hours than I’m going to actually reveal here. We didn’t even shower all day. Gluttons! Sloth…ens? Slothful gluttons! Hey, that’s two of seven. I suppose I can throw pride in there if we count the fact that we created a really good pairing that totally kicked WoW critter hiney (and congratulated ourselves on doing so). Maybe? Sure! Throw another one on onto the fire. Sadly, we probably are stopped at three because we had no wild rampant sex, did not get into a blistering fight, didn’t so much go gathering up everything anywhere and were pretty set with our lot in life. Ah well, I guess it was really only a three sin weekend.

OoooOOOooo! Can you count drinking more wine than is really prudent as a sin? Hmmmm, that probably falls under gluttons anyway and I think I have already done penance for that. Do you know how bright the sun is the next day after many and a glass halvsies of wine? Really, really obnoxiously bright. Ow.

This did not stop me much, however, from creating one of the Troll Brothers (yes! Another set of characters!) Sunday and playing them for a couple of hours (until the computer monitor made my head hurt, then I took a nap). We now have Roccoh and Lewie, troll hunters. They rock. They also do Capoeira when you emote them to dance. Hee. We discovered that the dwarves do the Russian…errr…kicking dance thing that one typically thinks of Russians doing. What is that called? Anyway, there was that, the human disco groove (complete with a three second pause in classic John Travolta Saturday Night Fever pose) and the gnome…ahhh…”dance” which is best described as something that may or may not have been derived from the Macarena but went horribly wrong somewhere. Oddly enough, it seems to fit gnomes or at least the gnome I created who does go by the name Tan (or a derivation there of). It’s sort of like a huge train wreck: It’s really rather horrible to witness yet oddly compelling so that you don’t want to turn away either.

BTW, yes this was the same character in which I accidentally got on a tram to the other end of the continent because I got bored and wandered off in the city. Instead of either getting back on the tram going the opposite direction or spending the 50 copper to fly back via griffon or even hearthstoning it back, I decided to pad it back to the city I accidentally left (half a continent away). I eventually drove my level nine gnome merrily into a level 55-60 zone, shadowing a level 60 mage who thought I was completely bonkers. He was more than partially right. “Hi there! My name is Tan, I’m completely out of my league but I’m having fun!” I really need to program that as a macro for that character. Eventually I got the gnome back without being chewed on much.

TheMan dinked around more with his main character while I had me a bit of a lie down (Ow! Sun! Bad!) and then he dinked some more as I was dinking around (housewise) doing very important other things. I think it had to do with shuttling this and that here and there but it was very important stuff. Very important. Oh! I yelled at the cats too for getting into things and stuff that they weren’t supposed to get into. See? Told you, Very Important. Eventually I stopped doing Very Important Things and decided to do something about my heels, which are almost rough enough to plain wood. This, of course, entailed a nice hot bath and lots of bath beads and bubbles and perhaps a book. Mmmm, tubby. Following a nice hot bath, I got out the Avon Skin So Soft (I think) kit and did up my feets and hands. I’m not normally a big Avon person but I will highly recommend their whole Skin So Soft scrubby kit because it is the bomb. Very nice, many stars, blah blah admiration cakes. It leaves my hands and feets nice and silky smooth and if I did it with any regularity (say more than once every three or so months) I bet I wouldn’t have any cracked rough heel problems. As it is, I shaped them up fairly nicely, slapped a coat of nail polish on my piggies (and yes, when I say on my piggies I mean most or the whole of my piggies. A precise nail polisher I am not but the nails have color and theoretically the slop over peels off in the shower. Good enough for me) and called them done. This spring’s color, brought to you by suggestion of TheMan, is light chrome blue.

A stop off at Rob and Joanna’s and a zoom out to Yatsuba (mmmmm, sushi) rounded out the weekend. There you go, weekend in a nut shell. A really big nutshell but hey. I didn’t specify what kind of nut up front did I? Ha!

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