A friend of mine had a meme about books, which got me to thinking about some of my favorite stories, and another friend had a meme about “Which Sci-Fi writer are you?” which got me to thinking about Sci-Fi authors in general (I was Arthur C. Clarke in case you were dying to know). Then I got to thinking about notable (and non notable) Sci-Fi authors and finally it all ended up with me looking for a list of Hugo winners for the novel category arranged by year.

I discovered two things in my thinking and looking. One: I do not read nearly enough anymore and I really miss that (and should get on reading some more stuff, hence my interest in finding the Hugo Novel award winners by year so I could go pick out some “good books” to read). Two: Despite having its own website, the Hugos do not have a simple listing of Novel winners by year. Frustrating. Their list is by title, which is good in some aspects but I wanted a list by year. I did find one here which will have to do (because I’m bored of playing “find the list” and this is, more or less, what I was looking for. Albeit not a very print friendly what I was looking for but it will do).

So now, my goal is to read all these books on the winners list (and – happily I’ll admit- reread 13 of them) in order to have a well rounded Sci-Fi reading. My secondary goal is to read more books (I’ll commit to one a month but I may read more. Who knows) and the Hugo awards gives me a template for reading. What shall I read next? Well, what’s next on the list? Thirdly, and you knew this was coming (too late to run!) I thought I might relate a little about the books I read here at the booniverse. Not sure exactly how that is going to play out but we shall see.

That’s about all for today. A short and sweet and a new goal of reading. Perhaps after the Hugos I can tackle the Nebula awards. I hear there is also a list of banned books out there as well. Fear my reads!

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