Tempura Fried Butter

The new rage, I tell ya.

Mmmmm. I was doing the food math for the cheesecake (or Frankencake if you read a couple days back) I made this weekend for the last bit of info for the weekends food numbers. What went in the cake: 2 packages of Thin Mint Girlscout cookies and one stick of butter for the crust. The filling was: 1 can of sweetened condensed milk, 1 package of créme cheese, 1 1/3 cup no fat yogurt, 3 eggs, 1/4 cup créme-de-minth and about a cup of mini chocolate chips. Bake 350/50-55 minutes (why not, I got almost everything else listed) and drizzle with home made chocolate sauce (1/4ish cup chocolate chips, just a tad less milk and a tad less than a tad of Karo light corn syrup, nuke, stir. It’s tasty!) and garnish with Andes mints. The pan yielded 16 pieces and the numbers per piece came out to 447 calories and 23 grams of fat (that’s 7152 cal/368g fat if you happened to eat the whole cake or if you make the recipe and cut it into different pieces. Brought to you by math prof boo, thankyouverymuch. Moving on) which was not as bad as I had feared.

Incidentally, the USDA has a pretty good site for getting food info of all sorts (ash? Want to know how much ash is in your Aunt Jemima Pancakes? It will tell you!). That’s where I have been getting my numbers for stuff when I either forget to look or have no clue. Sometimes I have to fudge it tho, like this morning’s scone (sweeter than a biscuit, less so than a muffin. Split the difference I say and move on!) but it’s got a good data base. What floored me about the whole thing was looking up butter for the Frankencake crust. HOLY COW! One stick (which is a really common measurement in baking) has 813 calories and 92 grams of fat. OK, I’m not going to eat a whole stick of butter, because that would be vile but I just might eat a whole batch of cookies in a day or two. 92 grams of fat. 92! Nothing else has even remotely came close to those numbers so far (and I guess they call it lard for a reason eh?) but almost 100 grams of fat for a half cup portion? Wow. And may I say wow again.

Then I thought, there is only one way to top butter’s natural “holy-whopping-fat-wah” numbers: Deep fry it! And thus, tempura fried butter was born. I figure if they can tempura fry ice cream and they tempura fry twinkies (they do! look! ) the next logical step is…butter! Mmmm, tasty tasty crispy deep fried butter. On a stick! It’s going to be the next best thing to come along, possibly even better than sliced bread in fact. I can feel it.

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