Rethinking an Idea

OK! After getting my list of Hugos and excitedly zooming home to see what all TheMan and I had in terms of Hugoage I discovered that we would need to be purchasing about half to two thirds of the list (more if I was going to be over ambitious and read the nominees as well). Fine by me! More books means tastier shelves. Mmmm, shelves full of new shiny unread books waiting to be explored. Then something terrible happened. I looked at the Illuminati Trilogy hanging out (on its side because I’m currently using it and the Foundation trilogy as book ends) unread on my shelves (OK so the integration process is a might slow. Yes, there is still a section of my books that are not totally integrated into our books yet) and Responsible Brain sort of sidled up to me and said “You know, you never did get around to reading that.”


Then Responsible Brain took a look over at another stack of book ended books to discover the Transparent Society, which I have also not read.


Further down the row is The Kiss of the Spider Woman (pristine) and a Harry Harrison I didn’t even know that I owned.


Responsible Brain also happened to remember that my two Orson Scott Card books (which are integrated. I think we stopped at M or something) are more or less in the same condition, only filed in a more accessible manner. Then TheMan piped up that he had a bunch of books by Robert Silverberg (who is on the Hugo nominee list a gijillion times but not on the winner’s list once. Poor fella) that were really good. And which I haven’t read. TheMan also piped up that he has never bought a book and not read it.


Who does that? Every single book? Not one book that looked like a good book to read after the current book but that gets lost in a shiny shuffle somewhere? That’s…that’s…but… … … …All of them read? That’s not right. I have scores of books I’ve bought, gotten or otherwise acquired that I haven’t read (yet). Doesn’t everybody have a shelf or two of books queued up to read? Or books that they bought because they were keystone books (cornerstone? Whatever. Very Important Books You Should Have) to some genera?

After taking a while to digest the fact that my husband is a tad freaky with the reading EVERYTHING, Responsible Brain suggested that I might just start reading the books I already own that I haven’t read. Yeah, but…what about the new? The shiny? The…OK, yes hello pocket book. Right, I hear you. Two votes for reading already purchased material. Check. The short of the long is that I am currently reading Neuromancer by William Gibson (and also a Hugo winner, I might add), a book I never really did read. Sort of. It was assigned reading in a very cool class I took in college but so was about a thousand other books (in reality, 10 novels) so I “read” Neuromancer in the sense that I did a high speed skimming and focused on parts that were emphasized in lecture. So no, I really didn’t much read it at all and I have no idea what it is about. I figured I might as well start there and then branch out to something else. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Elsewhere in the news, we got Chinese last night for dinner (and may I add a “yum” about here to express the tastiness? Yes, in fact, I can. “yum”) and we got the following fortunes:

boo’s Fortune You always know the right times to be assertive or to simply wait
TheMan’s Fortune Use your natural versatility to keep from being bored

Anyone see something odd about this? And what’s this concept of “waiting”?

On a sad and ending note, tonight we are going over to Rob’s house for an impromptu wake. One of TheMan’s old buddies from High School passed away suddenly Saturday and the gang is getting together for reminiscences.

Last year at the booniverse: It does sort of imply the whole “in your church” which in turn implies that there is an “out of your church” as well so while it backs your freedom of religious expression, it also says (in black and white) that “[c]ongress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion”.

Last last year at the booniverse: I, in my usual spelling mode, typed in Belmont Steaks to find the date of the race rather than Belmont Stakes and do you know what popped up? A restaurant! Is that where the 13th-15th place horses go?

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