Red sky at night, recycler’s delight.

I am all excited: TheMan and I have gotten into recycling! We’d been thinking of recycling for quite a while but it’s a pain in the pants to get to the recycle center to get a bin because they are only open every other hour on the first Sunday of months with a M in the name. Or something like that. Anyway, for a long time the recycling place didn’t recycle a lot of different things anyhow so we didn’t really get moving on getting a bin. Now they do more recycling (but still have suck hours) so we decided to go out and get us our own recycling bin from Meijers.

We picked up a purdy blue bin which was much bigger than I had envisioned. Thus, the bin knocked awkwardly around the kitchen as we needed to get here and there and that wasn’t as functional as I had hoped. During the great Bru-ha-ha cleaning of Ought Ten I got rid of a shelving unit and wala! Our recycle space was created. Now we had a permanent place for our bin and it felt like I was a true recycler. RARH!

I feel so awesome recycling too; like hey guys, it’s not *me* that’s filling up the landfills with my metal cans, plastic doohickeys and glass whatsits because I recycle. I might also have added a sotto voice “bitches” to the end of that sentence as well, cuz I wuz RECYCLING! I know, I know, I should be recycling from the goodness or the bottom or the good bottom of my heart for the environment and yadda yadda but I think we’ve established that I’m basically lazy. If my recycling program has no convenient bin pick up hours and only recycles beet jars and Tuesday’s newspaper than I have no bottomly heart goodness, just laziness.

I’m a fair weather recycling hypocrite.

So anyway, we were getting quite a lot of use out of the bin because beer caps? Recyclable! Milk carton openy pull tabs? Recyclable! Cat food tins? Recyclable! I even got recyclable cleaning wet wipe things because we could do that now. We were recycle kings! And then today we discovered that they recycled our recycle bin.

Noooooooooooooooooooo! Who recycles a recycle bin? It even had one of those recycly arrow triangles on it, they aren’t supposed to take the bin with them too! Heck, it takes a signed notarized statement witnessed by three people to get the trash guys to throw out a trash can no matter what the shape it’s in. My pretty blue recycle bin was less than two months old!! I am deeply saddened.

I’m also filling up the landfills again since I haven’t yet called the recycle peeps to tell them that they took our bin too and we’d like that back. Hrumph.

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