Some Random Picto Posting

“Zen you vill haf guys in your vindow vell!”

I have a lot of little bits and pictures so I thought I’d lame out and throw up another picto-post. At the end of July…ish, possibly early August, they decided to move everyone in my department around. I got a new “work space” which is pictured above and my old “work space” became an office.

My old room is the same room but now because it has different occupants, it’s an Office. Hmmmm!

The hideous blue and pink wall is actually a GIANT push pin area that was skinned with hideous blue and pink paper. It’s more push pin real estate than I could possibly fill given in my old office work space I had a cork board about a quarter of the size of that behemoth and I didn’t manage to fill it up. I don’t much mind the color actually, it’s a far cry better than the ugly cream of the cork. Besides the GIANT tack wall there is room for a work table (wooo!) and a desk for my student worker. Plus, I have a panel wall with wire panel shelves and a neat panel clip fan.

I even brought in Poo Monkey to hang out in my stats bin because Poo Monkey takes no crap from anyone. Bead Lizard, who is also hanging around my stats bin, just wasn’t pulling his weight when it came to shutting peeps what needed shutting. Probably because Bead Lizard has no hands with which to fling poo.

Here’s a shot of my desk and some kitten pics pinned to my cork wall. Plus the printer crew and the vase of jelly fish. I had to do a little rearranging since I lost all my windowsills from my o work space. I gained a file cabinet top and a paper cutter so I guess that’s a fair trade. Plus, no copyfuckers lookin in all “Whachadoin?” while they are copying. I think I win!

I can’t believe I forgot to take a pic of my illegal sophit ducks!

A while back I was sorting book ads when I came across this picture and though, “Wow that’s familiar, looks like our campus. Ha ha.”

“Holy crap! It is our campus!” How cool is that? Some major book distributor snapped a pic of our campus for the cover of their catalog and I happened to come across it. That’s so cool, I kept the cover and added it to my office decor.

Me and sparkle band-aid went out and about for lunch, which is why I took a snap of the real place pictured on the catalog cover. This morning I had one of those finger ows from a hang nail that was looking sketchy so I cleaned it out and Neosporined it up for the day. Then when I opened the band-aid surprise! Sparkle band-aid. It was a pretty lousy week and several Friday plans had already been canceled so I was prepping for a really! bad! day! but sparkle band-aid managed to stave off most of my ugly Friday. It may have helped that I kept threatening people with the awesome power of my sparkle band-aid if they were getting on my nerves. “Don’t mess with me or I’ll unleash Sparkle Band-aid! I’ll do it!!!”

On the way in to work, sparkle band-aid and I noticed a couple flag stones marked with blue tape.

Which apparently means ‘This flagstone sucks, replace it’. This is good, several flagstones have been getting really mean looking and one of them disintegrated into a tadpole pond (at least during the rainy or lawn watering days).

The Grad, my book minion, had a photoshop book for me so I detoured over to pick it up. I hope to carve out some time to learn the program as I have become the custodian of a couple of photoshop documents. Of course if *I* was the person who created these documents I’d have done them in another program which I already knew but I wasn’t and they didn’t and now I have to learn a new program just to update the stoopid things. I’m totally siccing sparkle band-aid on the person who created these and then left for another job.

Double Ugli Rainbow…WHAT DOES IT MEAN??!?

And now some constructiony bits. They hauled in several giant I beams and welded more I beams onto them at the beginning of the month and then they hauled in these sort of metal frond looking doodads.

After a couple of days, it became clear that the frond doodads were the edges of the roof of the new commons. CoooOOooool, it’s looking like an actual something!

Here is the stacks recladding project nearly finished. It’s a far cry nicer looking than the old aluminum stuff!

The new building is looking very building like…

And sparkley! My band-aid approves.

2009: These are things I have an opinion on in no particular order (except that I wrote them down as they came up after being SLEPT ON by tubby McShortbrained)

2008: It’s a hate of a thousand angry foot parts that have been living in open sandals or without shoes at all for the past couple of years.

2007: Buuuuut some people are of the opinion that anyone who’s slept in until noon has wasted the ENTIRE day away so I usually try to get up at the crack of 10am.

2006: JSFR: Strawberry Ramune.

2005: JSFR: Mikawaya Mochi (mango)

2004: Hey, the only thing we have to do Saturday is be at DQ’s at 5, so damned if I’m getting up at the crack of anything if I don’t have to.

2003: I mean, who doesn’t want to get something free eh? And a squishy ninja!

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