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Yes indeedy do, as you might have guessed from yesterday’s entry, Saturday I went and saw Star Wars Whatever, prelude to the Original Three. All I have to say that I haven’t already is: People best not be getting it in to their heads to start calling Star Wars “A New Hope” or I’m going to start cracking heads.

I so totally need to get me a “Han Shot First” shirt. Hrrumph.

Hmmmm. Traditionally I do a “weekend in review” (but with more capitalization) on Monday but I had my Star Wars Prequel rant on. Today would be a grand day to pick up the whole “what I did” but I’m not feeling very cohesive today. So I’ll just do a little highlights thing and call it good.

Yes, this would be one of those “far from Nobel prize” posts but you’ve come this far, why not continue on eh? Just like prequel 1 and 2, might as well see how the third one goes because it couldn’t be any worse right? Sadly, I’m not sure today’s entry is going to have any surprisingly good but it might contain the same amount of pithy dialogue.

The prequel outing was pretty much the most exciting thing that happened this weekend. Friday there was the wake for TheMan’s friend Tom who died, which as far as wakes go was pretty darned respectable but again, it was a wake so not so much the fun. Then there was the Saturday game which was pretty cool, the movie and then Sunday where I spent all day doing laundry. I do mean all day as I started at 11 in the morning and was doing laundry every hour on the hour until 6ish, when I started slowing down a bit and doing a load of laundry every hour and a half on the…errr…ahh whatever. I wasn’t done until 11ish at night. That’s a lot of laundry.

We played some World of Warcraft, got ourselves thoroughly and most spectacularly deaded and did not meet up with a work friend of mine all evening, which was the point of logging on. I think work friend had our character names wrong and the sad part to the whole night was that we were hunting in the same areas the whole time. He was just a tad north, we were a tad more south but we did overlap a bit in the middle. Eh!

Monday night was the premiere of DQ’s Farscape RPG. We are a nice mix of aliens and it went pretty well for her very first run out. Huzzah! Afterwards, TheMan and I tootled home and decided to log on to WoW for a little tying up of loose ends from Sunday and a little boogering around working on trade skills and what not when lo! My work friend was on! We teamed up and after one mega extravaganza of death for the coworker’s character (multiple times) we got our groove on (and changed areas we were hunting in) and took some names. Our group dishes the damage so fast it’s rather frightening, yet fun too.

OK, that’s all I really have. Sorry that, I’ll try to be more vivacious and entertaining at later dates. Ciao!

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