36 Hour Shirt: A Picto-blog

Here we are, leaving for up north at 2:00a.m.

The plan for going up north changed yet again (from right after work on Thursday to early Friday after TheMan came down with Cajun peanut-itis) and we packed up the car in the evening and then took a nap. Hmmm! I guess we had another change up in plans because we meant to leave at midnight but snoozed on to 1:30ish. We did get up, packed the electronics and cats and were off in the dead of night!

BTW, yes, I’m reusing the black pic from April 17. Hey, it’s a good pic! It was dark, the pic is dark, works for me.

We drove north in the dark for three or so hours (four? I have no idea when the sun came up but we were near Gaylord) so there are no pics until then. But! When it did come up we saw that we might be in for a bit of weather.

Oooooooo! The sun! It hurts my eyes! Ahhhhhh!

Red sky in the morning. Definitely weather heading our way but it sure did make for a pretty drive.

Vande-cat doesn’t much care, she’s got a box! Why oh why does she pitch a fit when she is closed in the carrier yet as soon as I let her out she goes right back in and sleeps there the entire trip? Have I mentioned that Little Kitty is a traveling trooper? She just hangs around and sleeps mostly. Isaak on the other hand, not so much.

But! We had kitty drugs.

Here’s Isaak not meowing, not pacing, just hanging out stoned out of his gourd.

The weather wrapped around us (yay!) but did give a nice rainbow which I of course snapped a bazillion pics of. And this is the problem with snapping pictures on the move, occasionally things get in the way. And occasionally it looks like you’ve actually planned to get the Burger King sign nicely framed with a rainbow.

A Random North Going vista.

Action trees! I just sort of liked this shot.

We got up to Mackinaw City at 6:40. 20 minutes before the Big Boy opened. Wahhh!

The pigeons were out though. These guys feed off the birdfeeders which are more finch sized bird feeders. Sorry, no pic for you; the janitor scared them all away when he came rolling around the corner with his mop bucket. OK, I guess us, the pigeons and the janitor were the only ones up.

But of course it started to rain. This is me, playing with the macro setting. Oooo, artsy. Sadly, the camera is slowly dying so my macro shots and a few long range shots are the only ones really in focus. When we get home, I’m going to drag the camera kicking and screaming into the camera doc.

Here is your bi-yearly bridge shot. I figured I’d get a bit artsay for y’all so you don’t have to look at tower shots every single time we go up north. They were fixing part of the bridge and as such, had a port-a-john nestled off to the side which I didn’t get a shot of. If so, THAT would have been your 05 Memorial Day bridge shot because hee!

Yes, I am a two year old at heart.

Since they were working on the outer lane, we had to travel on the “singing lane”. TheMan does not so much like traveling on this lane because it sounds weird and grabs your tires strangely. I prefer to travel on this lane, but only because the truck is tall enough that the guard rail is below the passenger window. THAT’s disconcerting.

Speaking of disconcerting, this is the St. Ignace Big Boy…errr Big Moose which was open.

Isaak woke up when the weird singing road noise started up. Or maybe he was just as disturbed by the moose.

Kitty Prozac vision. I just want y’all to know that Isaak is a mean, mean drunk and spent the rest of the day hissing at everything and beating up on Little-Kitty. On the plus side, he was much more calm (after 2 pills-that’s the max dosage one can give a kitty) for the car ride.

Me, macro setting and the possee.

Your pictorial Lake Michigan shoreline shot. Say it with me: Oooooo! Ahhhhhh!

Mmmm, cheese smoked fish!

This is the 30 foot Santa in Christmas, MI. I noticed after I snapped the shot that Santa is MISSING A HAND!! AHHH!

Meanwhile, Mrs. Claus just looks on. She’s smiling strangely too, I think she had a hand in all this mayhem.

Me, the macro setting and a subject. Again. Hey! It’s in focus, you should thank me for the occasional non fuzzy pic. I liked this shot what with the mirror showing the reflection of the trees in the window (which match up nicely with the actual trees beyond the mirror), plus you can see me taking the picture. If you are good (and you saw me at any point in time in the day on Thursday), you might notice that yes, that IS the same shirt I was wearing at work. We basically hadn’t really gone to sleep since Wednesday to Thursday night. I’m not counting the three hour nap because it was just a nap.

Here’s the Seney stretch and an example of the chippering that was going on. Apparently this was the weekend for taking down scrub trees and chippering them. What you don’t see in this shot are the two emus that were hanging out in the median doing their secret emu things. Yes, emus. Mom Q. is convinced we really saw Sandhill cranes (which I’ve been calling Samhill cranes for the past two days. What in the Samhill is THAT?!??) but I spent a good long time looking at these birds trying to puzzle out what sort of crane/heron bird they were. I spent so much time bird typing that I forgot to take a picture of them. The problem was, they weren’t fitting into any crane archetype I could think of and were in fact fitting more into a very small ostrich archetype. Once we passed them, and TheMan also commented on how weird they looked, we realized they were emus. To the person or persons missing your exotic birds: You can find them eating bugs (or whatever it is that emus eat) on the eastern part of the Seney stretch.

That’s 2 for 0 now in “pictures of unusual birds I have seen on the Seney Stretch but haven’t gotten a picture of”. They were too emus, BTW. The world famous Seney Stretch emus.

Hey look! A pic in focus. This is the camp road (somewhere in there) but the point of this pic, I think, is that it is in focus! Yay, focus!

And finally, our destination. Marquette: Queen City of the North. Huzzah!

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