Weekend Birthday Bash

This weekend was DQ’s 40th birthday so we decided to do it up spiffy like. But first, what movie best represents attaining quadragenarian status? Hmmm!

As far as weekendery stuff, we did some Warcrafting and I did not get shopping until Sunday noon. Thus I did not get the blueberry grunt prepped ahead of time so dessert was modified from blueberry grunt to spongecake with strawberries. Besides, strawberry spongecake is better than baked in cream and butter blueberry grunt yes? Yes! Also, blueberries seem to be out of season so there weren’t any blueberries to be had anyway.

We collected our things, including the good china, and shuffled off to DQ’s house. Portable good china FTW! I had to evict my sushi set from the wicker basket in order to carry the dishes to DQ’s so now I have sushi service for eight all over my coffee table.

Anyone wanna come over for sushi?

Anyway, we made DQ buy a tablecloth so we could have an elegant dinner. Heh, happy birthday, now go buy a tablecloth. It looks quite nice and she got matching cloth napkins. Swank! On my noon time shopping spree I picked up a nice centerpiece and we brought over a wineglass to complete DQ’s wine set (we made diner for 6, DQ had glasses for 4. Yeah…math not my strong suit).

Aaaaand DUCK! This is the picture just before the duck was lit on fire because while focusing the camera I pressed too hard and oops, picture. Then I quick reset the camera but the flash went off and the flames didn’t come out. Then the duck went out. It was really tasty though. Mmmm.

The Devil’s Rain dressing was pretty spicy and LunarGeography brought over a tomato vinaigrette salad from her garden tomatoes so we had lots of tasty eats. Afterwards we settled on Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels to watch and had after dinner coffees. MmmMMm! DQ can turn 40 next year too!

2009: JSFR: Cherry Blossoms Cake

2008: JSFR: Bakery Flat Style Bacon Cheese Pretz

2007: DQ not having a major birthday so no posting today.

2006: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels still a good movie though.

2005: I’m also typing without the benefit of my left pinky finger, which I’ve fondly come to calling Scarfinger; the squash attack survivor, and now my right middle finger which has gone slightly Frankenfinger on me.

2004: Plus, nobody smokes a skinny cigar like Clint.

2003: Mmmmm Flaming Duck.

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