Caching Moose of the UP

There wasn’t much more to tell about Friday after the picto-blogging because The Man and I hung out for an hour or two, then went to bed and slept until dinner time. I hate when I get all out of wang like that. Anyhow, by Saturday we were human again and decided to do some human family oriented social like things which included geocaching, unexpected moose watching and a trip to Thill’s.

You know, I have no recollection of what time I actually got up and out of bed on Saturday, but I think it was decently early. Not insanely early like 7:00 or even 9:00 but 9:30ish sounds about right. Man, what was I thinking, I was on vacation, you know…that period of time when you don’t have to get up for anything in particular (differentiated from a weekend in that it doesn’t happen as regularly) and should therefore sleep in as long as humanly possible? I guess I was thinking “Hey! I think I’ll get up!”

Damn. Hate it when that happens.

We didn’t do anything spectacularly spry at that delicate an hour, but instead mulled over our options for the day while munching on excellent nine grain toast (it was the Yum) and coffee. OK sipping the coffee, actually. It was the Qs wedding anniversary and TheMan and I (most coincidentally) planned to cook up some fish. I have to say, fresh from the lake whitefish is pretty darned fine and I like to sneak in a Thill’s run whenever we come up. Even if it means we are doing the cooking, which is fine by me. I like experimentin! So we decided we would head out and get fish, fresh and smoked, and also swung by Jilbert’s Dairy for the finest ice cream in the UP and possibly the whole state even. Or at least I’ve heard it mentioned as such. Anyway, we picked up two half gallons to go with hot fudge cake (yum. dessert. Incidentally, hot fudge cake has a very good ease to delicious ratio and it is the BOMB with ice cream) and of course two cones as well.

What? I had to try it right? You just can’t let a statement like “the world’s best ice cream ever” go unchallenged. Nosiree. So I ordered me up a minty something or other Mackinaw Island fudge extravaganza (of doom)/ Yooper Mudslide combo and had me a tastin!

It’s pretty good! They get beaucoup points for “that strange green but almost bordering on blue yet not quite there” mint color. Mint ice cream is not mint ice cream unless it’s green, and the stranger the green, the better the ice cream. At least in my book. Jilberts didn’t quite go off into a previously undiscovered color of Greelue but they at least paid homage to that possibility. They also have nice, creamy ice cream so I give them my two thumbs up plus as many other thumbs as I can collect. Don’t know as I’d say they are better than Stucchi’s though, at least not anywhere Stucchi’s can hear me.

Once home, we marinated the fish in a spicy lemon ginger marinade and headed out to find some caches. Our first stop was a two-parter where yours truly (that would be me) found the first part. Huzzah! I think that’s the first cache I’ve ever found, really. It gave us the coordinates to the second part so we merrily marched onward. We combed the woods for a while and emerged victorious again. Huzzah! I even got a cool Spongebob Squarepants thimble mug out of the deal. Hip, Hip, Huzzah!

Of course everyone left their cameras in the car and of course we stumbled onto the resident wandering moose on the way out. I guess a momma moose booted her yearling a short time ago and the youngster has been wandering about the town here and there trying to…errr…well do what moose do. Like swim in the graveyard pond or trot up one of the main streets. You know, moose stuff. Anyway, we happened upon Jr. just after he awoke from his mid afternoon nap and decided to have a snack. A small crowd of us gathered all quiet like (like a fish!) and watched as the mooselet munched his way from one side of the path to the other. I think he/she moseyed to within twenty feet of us (definitely a young one) and seemed to pay us no mind. Not even the lady who had been stalking him/her in the woods on her belly while the mooselet napped.

If you’ve never seen a moose, a very apt description (which I heard about Young Moose) is “The world’s ugliest horse”. Moose, they ain’t very pretty.

Our second cache was the one we couldn’t find in the winter and surprise! It was right where we were looking for it before, sans the several feet of snow. On the whole, I think the absence of snow makes things easier to find.

Travel bug.jpg
We also found a travel bug in the cache as well. Cool!

Since we were in the area, we decided to mosey down to take a look see at the new development. They uncorked an underground stream that has been piped up fro 50ish some odd years and made it all landscapy for the lake shore condos going in.

Geeses and geeselets out for a Saturday swim.

Then it was back home to prepare a scrumptastic, if very frantically put together (don’t quite have the timing down to get everything out on the table all at once) meal. The fish was marinated with fresh chives and crumbled sesame sticks on top. Not bad. We also had cheesy rolls and pan fried potatoes. And of course hot fudge cake for dessert with the universe’s best ice cream. All in all, it was a very satisfying day.

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