That, my readers, is the camp toaster. Does it not rock the supreme toast rockage? It is the best toaster ever.

Monday morning Mom Q. was talking about breakfast and I thought I might like some toast. You know, if the camp had a gas toaster (because the only time it has electricity is when they run the generator, which is maybe for 15 sometimes consecutive minutes so that there is enough juice to pump water to the toilets after they are flushed) that wasn’t a giant, in comparison to a toaster, gas oven. I like me some toast but firing up the oven for a nicely browned piece of bread seems a little bit too much. I mean, I’m lazy and all but there are limits and I stop at absurdly lazy. Unless you are planning to make toast for the entire neighborhood (in which case I totally condone the oven toast method), it’s just best to forgo the warm crunchy bread on those days where all you have is a humongous box several tens of times bigger than the piece of toast to do it with. Just say no.

However! Mom Q pulled that funny contraption from the cupboards and proclaimed “toaster”. Cooooooool. It sits atop one of the stove burners with four pieces of balanced toast and does its toasting thing. Then, when one side is nicely brown, you flip them over and toast the other side. Wala! Gas toaster! (And I highly recommend tongs for the grabbing and flipping of the toast to be. Just sayin) I can totally get behind firing up a burner for toast because that’s just too cool. Tasty too.

Sunday we tootled out to camp, in the first voyage ever of the new van (and I’ll have you anxious people at home know, the van did fine) and had us an evening of complete laziness. Oh sure we cranked up a fire and played some games but I can not think of one significant thing we did other than a whole lot of vacation nothing. Perfect. TheMan and I wandered a bit on the shore where I collected some interesting rocks for DQ’s new aquarium. I thought she might like to make a hidey hole for her fishies so I looked for a few small, flat rocks (she has a 10 gallon hex aquarium) and a couple of small interesting roundy rocks. Not sure if they will fit exactly but if they do, it might look cool and all rock grotto like.

We stayed overnight (the kitties had the town place all to themselves), merrily burning lots of wood at all hours to keep the fire going (the best part about camp. Fire!) and then returned home sometime around twoish. The kitties had gone a little bazoo in our absence and there were traces of their night of wild abandon here and there. This table was missing it’s table top cover, that bed had several tufts of cat hair, the other bag had been dragged clear across the room…your typical kitty hijinx. Fortunately, they do not have opposable thumbs and the house was still standing. We packed things up and headed home about 3ish or so after drugging Isaak according to the instructions.

Here’s a tip: When drugging a cat according to the tranquilizer instructions, which state “give the cat one pill, then another an hour later if the cat is not sufficiently drugged” be prepared to have said kitty come out of his drugged stupor just shy of Saginaw, which is still two or three hours from home. If you want to avoid this, drug the cat moments before you leave, then grab said cat in the car while traveling about an hour later and pill him again. He will remain relatively peaceful until your destination, which is about eight hours away.

Your moment of blue thing Zen.

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